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Trailers of the Week: ‘Black Monday,’ ‘Miss Bala,’ ‘Destroyer’

From Nicole Kidman getting gritty to Gina Rodriguez in female-action hero mode — your best-of-the-week trailers round-up

Anthony Mackie  and Gina Rodríguez at star in MISS BALA.Anthony Mackie  and Gina Rodríguez at star in MISS BALA.

Anthony Mackie and Gina Rodríguez in 'Miss Bala.'

Gregory Smith/Sony Pictures

This week, we got some good looks at some 2019 releases, including the English-language remake of the Mexican thriller Miss Bala and a new Don Cheadle Wall-Street-gone-wild series for Showtime; plus a peek at Nicole Kidman scuzzing herself up for the cop-on-the-edge thriller Destroyer. Ladies and gentlemen, you best-trailers-of-the-week round-up.

The Aftermath
Hamburg, Germany, 1946 — a woman (Keira Knightley) steps up off a train, awkwardly greeting her British-colonel husband (Jason Clarke) after having barely seen him during the last of the war years. She’s set to join him as her helps lead the reconstruction of the bombed-out city. Only there’s a catch, see: The couple is living with a widower and his daughter. And since the single father is played by Alexander Skarsgård, a.k.a. the seventh handsomest man in existence, well … you can probably guess where this is headed. There will be prestigious historical drama. There will also be lightly brushed shoulders, torrid glances and some highly illicit romantic shenanigans. It opens on April 26th, 2019.

Black Monday
“I am the Black Moses, and I’m gonna put the ‘brother’ in Lehman Brothers.” Did you like The Wolf of Wall Street but wish that Don Cheadle had starred in it instead? This trailer brings on the beaucoup adrenaline-rush fun — Chair-throwing! Ass-slapping! Revved-up Lambos! — before dropping folks (literally, via one plummeting stockbroker) into October 19th, 1987, the day stock markets took a massive nosedive. Cut to a ticking clock and a choice Lil Wayne track, this barrage of images from Cheadle & Co.’s upcoming cable dramedy is one of the best edited trailers we’ve seen in a while. Girls‘ Andrew Rannells and the mighty Regina Hall costar. Premieres January 20th, 2019. We’re psyched.

Insanely photogenic actors — they do love to get down and dirty in the name of “serious acting.” Not that we didn’t think Nicole Kidman was a great performer before (see, well, virtually everything she’s done in the past decade). But apparently we were not getting the message, so the movie star goes to great lengths to look like she’s been sleeping off a weeklong booze bender in a Toyota Corolla in Karyn Kusama’s cop thriller. It starts with a mystery corpse found on the mean streets of Hell-Ay and then slowly starts to fill in the pieces of how this body got there; what sort of connection it has to Kidman’s burnt-out detective; and why an undercover case years ago left this woman scarred beyond repair. See for yourself when this opens on December 25th. Merry, er, Christmas?

Miss Bala
Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez is an Angeleno visiting a friend in Tijuana. Then the nightclub they’re at gets raided by drug cartel bad guys, who kidnap both women and tell the American she’s got to smuggle narcotics back into the States. Soon, the D.E.A. are trying to flip her and turn her into a double agent. By the end of this trailer, guess who’s walking around in evening gowns while toting machine guns? If this English-language remake is half as intense as Gerardo Naranjo’s original 2011 thriller, it should be a wild, violent-as-hell ride. Regardless, we get a good look at what Gina Rodriguez, Future Action Hero will look like. It hits theaters on February 1st, 2019.


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