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Trailers of the Week: ‘Morbius,’ ‘The Lovebirds,’ ‘Lost Girls’ and More

From a bloodsucking ‘Spider-Man’ offshoot to a rom-com gone wrong — your week in movie trailers

Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in Columbia Pictures' MORBIUS.Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in Columbia Pictures' MORBIUS.

Jared Leto in 'Morbius'

Sony Pictures

BoJack Horseman, Season Six
In the Netflix animated comedy-drama’s final season, BoJack Horseman reckons with his past mistakes. While the clip keeps new plot points under ties, it reveals an emotional monologue from BoJack (voiced by Will Arnett). “I used to feel like my whole life was an acting job, doing an impression of the people I saw on television, which was just a projection of equally screwed up writers and actors. I felt like a Xerox of a Xerox of a person.” However, all may not be lost for the anthropomorphic horse. His therapist asks, “But not anymore?” hinting that BoJack may actually start to feel like a person after all. (Jan. 31)

Charm City Kings
Undeterred by the risks and his mother’s pleas, Mouse (portrayed by Jahi Di’Allo Winston) is determined to join the Midnight Clique, a notorious group of Baltimore, Maryland dirt bike riders. Judging by the tricks the clique shows off in the new clip, it’s not hard to imagine why the young teen looks up to them. Meek Mill portrays Blax, the clique’s leader who guides Mouse through this high-stakes world. Despite Blax’s command to “Do right,” it’s not long before Mouse is drawn into the dangerous underbelly of riding. Scenes of altercations with the police and gun violence in the streets hint that it may be hard for Mouse to keep that promise. (Apr. 10)

Guns Akimbo
Unlike most online-trolls, Miles (portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe) is pulled out from behind the screen in this upcoming action-comedy. Miles lives in the not-so-distant future where the internet’s latest obsession is Skizm: a real-life video game in which players fight to the death while millions of viewers are streaming at home. When he’s sucked into the game with only twenty-four hours to kill his target, Nix (Samara Weaving), he’s wildly unprepared – apart from the two guns now bolted to his hands. Scenes of Miles fumbling with a doorknob, struggling to pull up his pants without inflicting an injury, and running through the streets in a bathrobe show he’s no match for the Skizm-savvy Nix, but he may just bring some comic relief to the cutthroat game. (Feb. 28)

Lost Girls
While there are no answers in the real-life case of the Long Island serial killer, it’s not for a lack of effort on Mari Gilbert’s part. In the upcoming Netflix film, Amy Ryan portrays the late activist’s search for her missing daughter Sharron as she challenges a stagnant police department, brings her story to the media and asks hard questions even after everyone else has stopped. “No one’s talking about our girls,” she says, “and when they do it’s prostitute, hooker. Never mother, daughter.” Scenes hint that Gilbert’s questions may lead her to potential cover-ups, those who wish to silence her, and even her own breaking point. (Mar. 13)

The Lovebirds
Nothing ruins a romantic moment quite like accidentally hitting a cyclist. Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani portray an unlucky couple that learns this the hard way. To make matters worse, they’re duped into handing the wheel over to a man posing as a cop, who runs over the cyclist until he’s good and dead. Forced into a life on the run, their relationship is put to a test seldom applied by other rom-coms: Can their love survive being framed for murder? (Apr. 3)

Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius transforms from a disease-riddled doctor into a pseudo-vampire in the latest Spider-Man offshoot. The clips highlight his lonely childhood and an adulthood marked by suffering as forces at play that finally push Morbius towards medicine’s extremes in his unrelenting search for a cure. Of course, the cure he finds doesn’t come without a cost. Along with newfound super-strength, Morbius is taken over by a consuming thirst for blood, trading his life as a doctor for that of a monster. (Jul. 31)

Once We Were Brothers “
There is no band that emphasizes becoming greater than the sum of its parts than the Band,” says Bruce Springsteen in the new documentary’s trailer. “Simply their name: the Band. That was it.” The clip also teases interviews with Eric Clapton and Martin Scorsese. Archival footage, photographs, and the Band’s music also help the documentary trace the Band’s history from their early days opening for Bob Dylan (and being booed) to their iconic farewell concert immortalized by The Last Waltz. (Feb. 21)

Murder, sacrifice, and bloody satanic rituals – it’s all here in Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut. Set to a foreboding guitar riff, the clip’s scenes switch from one woman’s throat being slit to another seductively licking blood from her fingers. This is over-the-top horror camp being embraced to it’s fullest potential. (Feb. 25)

Westworld, Season Three
The new trailer doesn’t offer any actual footage from the upcoming season. Instead, we are given a timeline of a tumultuous future. The first events are recognizable: the recent protests in Hong Kong and the impeachment of President Donald Trump. From then on, the timeline generates grim possibilities: an ecological collapse in Indonesia, a thermonuclear incident in Paris, and the Second Russian Civil War, just to name a few. A man’s voiceover explains that this chaos was put to rest through the creation of “the System” in 2039. However, it appears the peace only lasted for so long. As the clip ends, the voiceover says, “Up until very recently, the system was working. But there’s someone we haven’t counted for. You.” (Mar. 15)


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