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Trailers of the Week: Aretha Biopic ‘Respect,’ ‘Downhill’, ‘Tenet’

From a peek at the new Christopher Nolan movie to Jennifer Hudson as the Queen of Soul — your weekly movie trailer round-up

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Don’t Fuck This Up
Kevin Hart knows what it’s like to face the court of public opinion. Netflix’s new six-part docu-series takes us back to 2018, when homophobic tweets from Hart’s past resurfaced and caused him to step down from hosting the Oscars. When an interviewer asks him if he wishes he’d done something differently, he interrupts: “Let’s just stop it right here,” later continuing, “there’s a lot that you don’t know.” From there on out, the clip gives behind-the-scenes access to Hart’s life, creating a complex portrait of how a man from a humble background found massive success and, eventually, controversy. While scenes show Hart rigorously training and embracing his silly side in home videos, others reveal an encounter with the police as well as an inside look on the cheating scandal that devastated his second marriage. Whether the series will inspire the public’s compassion is yet to be determined. (Dec. 27th)

In the upcoming dark comedy, Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus play a married couple taking a ski strip with their two children. At first, there’s no more dysfunction than your average family vacation: photo-ops preserving everyone’s discomfort, toasts ruined by oversharing, and wrongly thinking that “The Beast” trail should be attempted. The tension escalates when it appears that an avalanche is about to topple the ski lodge and Ferrell lunges for his cell phone instead of protecting his family. Though the avalanche does not actually strike, it still brings disaster as Louis-Dreyfus is forced to face what her husband’s choice reveals about their marriage. (Feb. 14th)

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch
Comedian John Mulaney may not have children nor musical experience, but that has not stopped him from hosting a new children’s musical comedy special on Netflix. Mulaney is also far from the only grown-up to share the show’s stage. The trailer teases a guest appearance from a lab-coat wearing David Byrne, who nervously conducts a paper-mâché science experiment (plus visits from Jake Gyllenhaal, Natasha Lyonne, Annaleigh Ashford, Andre De Shields, Shereen Pimentel, and Richard Kind). The clip ends with Mulaney addressing the questions that inevitably come to mind when one learns about the show: Is this ironic? Does he actually enjoy doing a kid’s show? He responds without giving away the answer. “That – we talk a lot about that. That’s the million-dollar question.”  (Dec. 24)

It takes less than a minute for Jennifer Hudson to prove exactly why Aretha Franklin herself chose her to portray Franklin in the queen of soul’s upcoming biopic. The teaser emphasizes Hudson’s worthy vocals as she stands alone on stage singing “Respect!” In a shimmering gold gown, Hudson is illuminated by neon letters behind her that spell out the legendary demand. The short clip wraps up with an invitation for viewers to “find out what it means” in 2020, and we cannot wait to do so.



What could be worse than the nuclear holocaust? It’s hard to imagine, but that unnamed threat is exactly what Jonathan David Washington is up against as he sets out to prevent World War Three. While much about the mission remains secret, the trailer teases that Washington found himself with this responsibility – in the afterlife nonetheless – after passing a crucial test where he chose to die rather than betray his colleagues to an enemy. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film goes beyond the hallmarks of usual spy thrillers. It’s hinted that time becomes warped: When Washington and his partner examine the marks of gunshots on glass, his partner wonders aloud about what has happened. Knowingly, Washington states, “It hasn’t happened yet,” only to be ambushed seconds later, as if saving the world in one reality wasn’t hard enough already. (July 17th)

Top Gun: Maverick
“I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting an invitation back,” says Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) in the new action drama’s trailer. “They’re called orders, Maverick,” responds his superior. These orders have brought Maverick back to the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School – this time, as an instructor. The clip offers sweeping visuals of the aviators in flight along with a rapid sequence of scenes that include a funeral service, fired missiles, and an in-air explosion. More questions are raised than answered when it comes to this much-anticiapted sequel. (June 26th)

The Woman in the Window
Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is estranged from the outside world due to her crippling agoraphobia until one day when she invites a piece of the world inside: her neighbor, Jane Russell  (Julianne Moore). The women strike up a friendship, sharing wine while Jane talks of an old boyfriend. Friendship seems like exactly what Anna needs most – until it costs Anna her own safety and even her sanity. From her window, Anna witnesses Jane’s gruesome stabbing and calls the police. However, Jane’s husband presents a woman completely unfamiliar to Anna as his wife. The clip then teases a clash of wills: Anna is determined to piece together the mystery and find her friend, while the Russell family does everything in their power to intimidate and prove Anna unreliable. (May 14th)


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