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Trailers of the Week: ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Ma,’ ‘Frozen 2,’ ‘Yesterday’

From a blue Will Smith to first looks at a big-time Disney sequel and Danny Boyle’s world-without-Beatles movie

Aladdin (Mena Massoud) meets the larger-than-life blue Genie (Will Smith) in Disney’s live-action adaptation ALADDIN, directed by Guy Ritchie.Aladdin (Mena Massoud) meets the larger-than-life blue Genie (Will Smith) in Disney’s live-action adaptation ALADDIN, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Will Smith, kind of blue in Disney's live-action adaptation of 'Aladdin."


When it rains, it pours: Ever since an am-I-blue Will Smith showed up during a commercial in between Grammy no-shows, there’s been a deluge of trailers that have hit the internet. In a little under a week, we got peeks at George Clooney’s upcoming adaptation of Catch-22 for Hulu, the Frozen sequel and a new horror movie starring Octavia Spencer; a first look at the second season of Killing Eve (!) and a new Danny Boyle movie about a Beatle-less world; and a very NSFW clip of David Fincher and Tim Miller’s Heavy Metal-esque animated TV show. We haven’t even gotten to the con-artist comedy, the literary biopic or the Amazon killer-waif show yet. Here is your week-in-trailers round-up.

Remember when everyone freaked out over Will Smith being on the cover of a magazine alongside his fellow Aladdin cast members, the one where he just looked like Mr. Big Willie Style with a top knot and a cool chin beard — and not at all the animated genie voiced by Robin Williams in Disney’s beloved animated movie? Well, this TV spot dropped last Sunday night and gave us our first glimpse of what Smith’s magic man will really look like in Guy Ritchie’s live-action remake … and the internet freaked out even harder. There’s lots to see in the minute-long montage, to be sure, but the only thing you’ll remember is our Mr. Smith looking like a jacked-up Smurf. It hits theaters on May 24th.

George Clooney & Co. finally unveil their long-awaited adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel about a WWII soldier named Yossarian (Christopher Abbott) who decides he needs to get out flying dangerous bombing raids. His solution is to say he’s gone round the bend, only there’s this catch, see …. Kyle Chandler and Hugh Laurie are along for the ride; Clooney himself directed several episodes and costars as a blustery, Coen-esque general. To face the danger that the man who was responsible for Suburbicon was behind this was the product of a rational mind; yet the minute you watch this trailer, you feel you would be crazy not to check the show out. (He let out a low, respectful whistle.) May 17th.

Frozen 2
Watch Elsa walk on water! (Technically she’s gliding on self-generated ice floes, but let’s not quibble.) Then see her glide over frozen waves like she was Iceman from the comic books! And Anna looks worried! And Kristoff is riding a reindeer! Wait, where’s Olaf? Oh, there he is, getting protected by Elsa from what looks like some nasty lava! The teaser for this sequel to the mega-popular Disney movie is heavy on the action and light on the context. We’ll just be here, building snowmen, until November 22nd.

Hanna, Season 1
Fans of Joe Wright’s 2011 thriller about a young woman raised in seclusion by her “father” — and trained to be a deadly killer — will be stoked that Amazon has taken the film’s premise and milked a multi-episode series out of it. And folks who still miss AMC’s procedural The Killing will be beyond jazzed to see that this show reunites Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos, playing the young woman’s dad and the agent doggedly trying to catch her, respectively. Esme Creed-Miles steps into the shoes of the title character played by Saoirse Ronan in the movie. It premieres March 29th.

The Hustle
This competing-female-con-artist comedy has had its release date moved more than a few times; the fact that we finally get a trailer for this match-up between hoity-toity Anne Hathaway as an upper-crust swindler and Rebel Wilson as a ground-level grifter learning how to up her game suggests it may actually see the light of day. Kudos on the posh British accent, Ms. Hathaway; we tip our hat to your slapstick bona fides, Ms. Wilson. Think Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, only with ladies. It hits theater (fingers crossed) on May 10th.

Killing Eve, Season 2
It’s the pig mask and biergarten-waitress get-up that slays us here. That, and the moody cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love.” We were already jonesing for the second season of this BBC America runaway hit. Then this teaser hit and … really, April 7th needs to come right now. We need this, people. No joke.

Long Shot
“You’ve been a great secretary …” says the President to the woman (Charlize Theron) sitting in front of him. “… Of State?” she helpfully reminds him. She’s in the running to be the next Commander-in-Chief, but needs a better speechwriter for her campaign. Enter a schlubby journalist (Seth Rogen) who she used to babysit as a kid way back when — why, he can help her out! This trailer packs more rom-com exchanges and potential raunch-com shenanigans in two-and-half minutes than some films do in their entire running time. Also nice use of “Modern Love.” Opens May 3rd.

Love Death + Robots
“This preview has been approved for messed-up audiences only” — yeah, no shit. The redband trailer for David Fincher and Tim Miller’s animated sci-fi anthology show drops a rapid-fire montage of sex, violence, androids, explosions, what appears to be outtakes from Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” video, a fake computer killscreen, more sex, more violence, lasers and a bit of dystopic hellscapes thrown in for good measure. It’s 18 stories, each of which look like they were plucked from the pages of an old copy of Heavy Metal they found in the garage. It’s relentless, and if we gave a trailer-of-the-week award, this would have it locked down. March 15th on Netflix.

How do you do, fellow kids — here’s a reminder that you should always know who you’re shoulder-tapping for beer in a Gas ‘n’ Sip parking lot. Maybe that person is just a friendly adult who’s doing you underage party animals a solid. Or maybe she’s like the woman they call Ma (Octavia Spencer), who buys a group of teens some brews and then nonchalantly invites them to drink at her house. Which, it’s worth noting, is a remote little place in the dark, dark woods. Still, the lady’s basement is hopping! You’re just not allowed to go upstairs. And maybe don’t make Ma angry. And also she could be homicidal and psychotic. You had us at “from the producers of Get Out and Happy Death Day.” May 31st.

“Tell me a story,” an offscreen voice asks. The man who answers says he knows a tale of long, adventurous journeys, one that involves adversity, “fellowship” and “a potent magic … more than anyone has ever felt before.” Given that the person speaking is a young J.R.R. Tolkien, we’re pretty sure we know what story in particular he’s discussing. Nicolas Hoult plays the future Lord of the Rings writer; Lily Collins is Edith Bratt, who’d become the novelist’s wife and the inspiration behind several LOTR characters. Judging from this teaser, we’re in for one big ol’ prestige-filled biopic come May 10th.

Triple Frontier
Let’s give it up for men-on-a-mission movies. You get a bunch of manly dudes together — maybe one of them played a biker on a TV show, maybe one has been in a Star Wars movie, maybe one was photographed contemplating the universe on a beach while showing off a ginormous dragon back tattoo. If you can make them ex-Special Ops soldiers, all the better. Then make them infiltrate some highly secure compound, like say a cartel kingpin’s fortress, and just kicks, combine it with a heist flick as well. Oh, plus they have to shoot their way through an entire town to get out safely. The second trailer for J.C. Chador’s testosterone-fest makes us want to do a lot of push-ups, drink a pot of black coffee and wear beaucoup camo outfits. It’s in theaters March 15th.

Let’s say you’re a struggling musician like Jack (Himesh Patel), wishing you could write songs as good as your heroes — The Beatles — and knowing that you need to give up on your dreams of rock & roll stardom. Then a global blackout happens (it’s the movies, people), and the next day, you wake up in a world where the Fab Four never got together. You are the only person who knows the complete output of John, Paul, Ringo and George … and when you start playing them for people, everyone thinks you’re a musical genius. Say hello, hello to the new film from the director of too-many-of-your-favorite-movies-to-count Danny Boyle (yay!) and Love, Actually screenwriter Richard Curtis (gulp!); also it’s completely on-brand for Ed Sheeran, playing himself, to suggest “Hey Dude” as a better title for the McCartney hit. Opens June 28th.


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