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A Tommy Egan Power Spin Off Was Long Overdue, These Seven Scenes Remind Us Why

Tommy and Ghost in Power Season 6Tommy and Ghost in Power Season 6

Cara Howe

When we first meet Tommy Egan (played perfectly by Joseph Sikora), it’s clear that he’s not to be taken lightly. Born and raised in Queens, he worked alongside his best friend and business partner, James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), to build a thriving drug business. While Ghost wants out of the game, Tommy is thriving in it, ruling the streets and doling out his own idea of justice. While there is no doubt that Tommy is a cold-blooded killer, he has a soft heart, proving time and time again that he is willing to do anything to protect the people he loves.

Throughout Power’s six seasons and a series of spin-offs (Book II: Ghost, Book III: Raising Kanan), Tommy has become a fan favorite thanks to his pithy one-liners, quick trigger finger, and ruthless loyalty. Now, fans are getting the long-awaited next chapter — Power Book IV: Force, Tommy’s very own spinoff, is coming to Starz on Feb. 6.

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Before you tune in, refamiliarize yourself with everyone’s favorite drug lord by checking out some of his most iconic moments below. And if you haven’t watched all of Power yet, be warned, there are a lot of spoilers ahead!

Running over Domingo with his own car

Tommy has worked his way up the corporate ladder (so to speak), and as the boss, he will not tolerate even the slightest hint of disrespect. So, when one of his guys gets assaulted by Domingo and his team doesn’t take care of it, Tommy is forced to take matters into his own hands. Not only does he exact revenge, he literally adds insult to injury by running over Domingo with his own car. Domingo doesn’t die after the altercation, but the physical and emotional scars he walked away with will surely last a lifetime.

Tomy Egan and his Dad in Power

Tommy Egan and his father Tony Teresi (played by William Sadler)

Myles Aronowitz

Tommy killing his dad

In season four, Tommy got a big surprise when he found out that his father wasn’t dead but locked up in prison. It turns out that Tommy’s father was Tony Teresi (William Sadler), a mob kingpin who was serving hard time for his past dirty deeds. While Tony was certainly not getting any #1 Dad mugs any time soon, he did eventually come to love his son — at least enough to refuse to rat him out to the feds.

When Ghost convinced Tommy that his old man was setting him up, Tommy didn’t let his growing relationship with dear old dad stop him from protecting his own interests. Tommy takes the bait and kills his dad, though we ultimately find out that Ghost was lying to him the whole time!

Tommy shoots Angela in Power

Courtesy of Starz

Tommy shooting Angela

Once Tommy found out that Angela (Lela Loren) was a federal prosecutor, he was incredibly suspicious of her relationship with Ghost. So, the fact that he ended up killing her came as a surprise to no one, though it was downright shocking when it finally happened. After all, Ghost was the one who had betrayed him by tricking him into killing his father. Still, the bonds of friendship between Tommy and Ghost are long and strong, so even though he had Ghost in his sights, it was Angela who took the bullet. That choice potentially hurt Ghost even more, which makes Tommy’s seemingly split-second decision even bolder.

Tommy delivers his famous cancelling Christmas line

Courtesy of Starz

His infamous “canceling Christmas” line

Next to Dr. Seuss’ classic character, Tommy may be the most infamous Grinch on television. He’s been threatening to cancel Christmas for his enemies and even his frenemies (just ask Ruiz!). Tommy cemented his Christmas canceling title when he told Ghost, “Go f—k yourself. And the next time I see you, I’ma cancel Christmas on your ass.” Only Tommy could make that line sound harsher than telling him to f— himself in the first place!

Tommy kills Proctor in his penthouse

Courtesy of Starz

Tommy killing Proctor

It’s always tough when two fan favorites battle it out, but it does make for dramatic television. Such was the case when lawyer and consigliere Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) turned on Tommy and ended up cornered in a bedroom saying goodbye to his daughter while Tommy stalked him through his penthouse. When Tommy finally barreled through the door, gun locked and loaded, Proctor told him, “This isn’t f***ing over.” Tommy got the last word, though, by shooting him multiple times and leaving him bleeding out on the penthouse floor. It was a brutal scene, but Tommy’s point rang loud and clear: Don’t betray him.

Tommy and Ghosts final scene

Tommy mourns the loss of his best friend in season 6 episode 10

Myles Aronowitz

Tommy’s and Ghost’s final scene

There’s no doubt that Ghost and Tommy had a lot of issues in their relationship. However, none of that mattered when Tommy arrived at Truth nightclub to discover his childhood best friend shot and bleeding on the floor. Immediately, their differences and strife vanished as Tommy cradled Ghost, sharing a truly tear-jerking moment as the kingpin died in his “brother’s” arms. It was one of the saddest endings in television history, particularly when Tommy realizes that it wasn’t a rival or a fed who had gunned down Ghost, but someone much closer.

Spank gets killed by Tommy

Spank moments before his final run in with Tommy

Myles Aronowitz

Tommy leaves town

There was no way that Tommy was leaving town without making a scene. So, when he runs into Spank —the guy who just ratted him out— as he’s leaving, you know it’s going to be good. When Spank asks him where he’s headed, Tommy laughs, “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” Coming from most people, that would be the end of the joke, but of course, Tommy Egan is no ordinary man. He answers “California!” before proceeding to shoot Spank in the eye. The scene is both brutal and hilarious and serves as an unforgettable reminder that Tommy always made an effort to be a man of his word.

You’re probably wondering what new trouble awaits Tommy in California, or how he’ll pick up the pieces after losing his business partner and childhood friend. Tune into Starz on Feb 6 to see how the next chapter of the Tommy Egan story unfolds.

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