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Trailers of the Week: ‘An American Pickle,’ ‘Pen15,’ ‘Love Sarah,’ and More

From Seth Rogan’s adventures granted by miraculous pickle brine to two adults trying to navigate middle school – your week in movie trailers.



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An American Pickle

In the 1920s, Herschel Greenbaum (portrayed by Seth Rogan) makes a vow to his wife that in 100 years, their immigrant family will prosper thanks to the American Dream. What at first appears to be a prophecy Herschel will never live to see in fruition takes an unexpected turn – thanks to a factory accident involving lots and lots of pickle brine. Herschel falls into a vat of brine and re-emerges 100 years later, perfectly preserved. But instead of finding a thriving family, his only remaining relative is his introverted great-grandson, Ben (who is also portrayed by Rogan). Now, Herschel takes a second stab at his old promise – and his pickle recipe. (August 6th)


For Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton), their summer of romance is cut short by tragedy. A fatal car crash leaves Riley alone, only moving on from Chris is near impossible for her when so many moments point to his sprit still being present. Riley goes from hearing his voice and catching glimpses of his face to sharing full-on experiences with him. While their lasting connection seems inexplainable, a friend in the afterlife has an answer for Chris: “You know what you did, right? You left somebody behind.” (August 14th)

Love Sarah

After the passing of her mother, Clarissa (portrayed by Shannon Tarbet) is left with little more than her mother’s distant dream of opening up a bakery in Notting Hill. With hardly any options available to her, she reconnects – and moves in with – her once distant grandmother (portrayed by Celia Imrie), and together they bring Sarah’s vision to life. At first, the bakery seems to have more potential as a “crack den” than a destination for fine pastries, but it’s not long before it becomes home for the women. (September 7th)

The One and Only Ivan

For Ivan – the 400-pound silverback gorilla voiced by Sam Rockwell – the wild only exists in his memory. However, Ivan’s happy life spent being cared for by Mack (Bryan Cranston)  as if he were part of the human family keeps him from wanting anything more. That is, until he meets a newly captured baby elephant (voiced by Brooklynn Prince) that makes him question his situation. Ivan tires of pretending to be an angry gorilla for the crowds he entertains and begins painting scenes from the wild instead, which sparks his journey towards freedom and tests the bonds of family. (August 14th)


The Hulu comedy’s second season finds Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine back in the thick of their struggle to survive middle school. In the middle of gym class, a classmate confronts the duo, saying, “You’ve changed…like, a lot.” The two adults portray themselves as thirteen-year-olds in 2000, which means chugging soda, making questionable fashion choices, and spending their phone conversations examining their vaginas in mirrors from their respective bedrooms. (September 18th)


In the new teaser for the upcoming biopic on Marie Skłodowska Curie, Rosamund Pike silences a room full of chattering men. “I want to tell you about radium,” she announces, going on to explain that “it does not behave as it should.” The following clips highlight Curie’s groundbreaking discoveries as well as her efforts to change the minds of leading scientists in the era. However, a devastating moment reveals that when her work was first nominated for the Nobel Prize, it was attributed to her husband. Despite the lack of respect she encountered as a woman, Curie doesn’t waver. In the teaser’s final moment she says, “This is my fight, and I will win it.”

(July 24)

The Umbrella Academy, Season Two

The new season finds the group of sibling heroes fighting the arrival of another apocalypse. This time, they’re taking root in 1963 Dallas, Texas. Not only do they have the end of the world on their consciences, but the clip hints that the events the family have set into motion are also linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In addition to getting a glimpse into the stakes of this season, but the scenes are accompanied by a new song from the show’s creator, Gerard Way, titled “Here Comes the End.” (July 31st)

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