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Thank You and You’re Welcome

  • Kanye West Gets His Confucius On in New Book

    Kanye West has offered fans on his website a sneak peak at Thank You and You're Welcome, the book he co-authored with J. Sakiya Sandifer that's filled with "Kanye-isms," or "creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success." In his sample pages, West proves that he's more than capable […]

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  • Kanye West Harnesses His Ego Into Politely Titled Book

    Rapper/philosopher/sore loser Kanye West, just months after defeating 50 Cent in the record-release showdown of the year, will attempt to champion over the book industry when he drops his first title next January. Co-authored by J. Sakiya Sandifer and named Thank You and You're Welcome, the book will be, according to West, "an entertaining volume […]

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