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  • 40 Albums Baby Boomers Loved That Millennials Don’t Know

    From Tina Turner to Eric Clapton, these LPs were beloved by millions, but are younger generations finding them?

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  • Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson Starts First U.S. Band Tour in 30 Years

    Hodgson says last opportunity for Supertramp reunion 'has passed'

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  • Breakfast In America

    Breakfast in America is a textbook-perfect album of post-Beatles, keyboard-centered English art rock that strikes the shrewdest possible balance between quasi-symphonic classicism and rock & roll. Whereas Supertramp's earlier LPs were bogged down by swatches of meandering, Genesis-like esoterica, the songs here are extraordinarily melodic and concisely structured, reflecting these musicians' saturation in American pop […]

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  • Crisis? What Crisis?

    Supertramp, whose Crime of the Century was a surprise hit of 1975, are back with a neatly timed followup, Crisis? What Crisis? (with suitably heady cover — a man sunbathing amid rubbish while rain falls and smokestacks blow pollution into already ominously gray skies). The biggest crisis is trying to get through both sides of […]

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