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  • Thom Yorke: Major Labels Are a 'Sinking Ship'

    Radiohead frontman offers advice to aspiring musicians in new textbook

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  • Nine Inch Nails Launch YouTube Film Festival, Knock "In Rainbows"

    Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor launched a YouTube channel yesterday that will host a film festival of fan-made movies that feature tracks from Ghosts I-IV, insuring the fans' films will be reduced to compressed, blotchy, out-of-sync YouTube clips. Reznor himself will judge the competition, along with "special guests." Fans can upload their videos onto the […]

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  • Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts I-IV" Makes Trent Reznor a Millionaire

    Trent Reznor has gone public with the sum total of all the money he made in first week sales after self-releasing his instrumental album Ghosts I-IV: $1,619,420. The album, released on March 2nd in a multitude of different formats at nin.com, "immediately sold out" of its run of 2,500 "Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition" versions (complete with […]

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  • Nine Inch Nails Surprise Fans by Web-Releasing New "Ghosts" Album

    Nine Inch Nails have unleashed a new, thirty-six-song instrumental album called Ghosts I-IV, which is available for download right now. The album, recorded over a ten-week stretch last fall, is what Trent Reznor calls "a soundtrack for daydreams." "I've been considering and wanting to make this kind of record for years, but by its very […]

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  • Nine Inch Nails Sever Ties With Universal Music

    We wondered what repercussions Radiohead's In Rainbows independently released, pay-what-you-want maneuver would have on the record industry. Let this serve as Exhibit A: After years of disagreeing and downright bad-mouthing his record label, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has finally been cut free contractually from Universal Music Group, allowing him to reach his avid fanbase […]

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  • Pearl Jam, Eagles, Natalie Merchant, More Flee Labels

    Big acts look to release their music all on their own

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