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Relapse 2

  • Eminem Announces New Album "Recovery" Out June 22nd

    This morning, Eminem killed Relapse 2. But by the afternoon, he explained his puzzling tweet ("There is no Relapse 2") by announcing he's finishing up work on another new album titled Recovery. The follow-up to his 2009 comeback LP Relapse will be released on June 22nd, just over a year after its predecessor hit stores. […]

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  • Eminem Tells Fans "There Is No Relapse 2"

    "There is no Relapse 2," Eminem wrote on Twitter in the wee hours of this morning, effectively putting to rest any chance that the promised sequel to his 2009 comeback album Relapse will be released in the near future — if ever. The rapper didn't indicate whether another fresh album would replace the disc or […]

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  • Eminem Hints at "Big News": Is "Relapse 2 " Finally On the Way?

    Just over a year ago, Eminem revealed his comeback plans with the announcement of two albums set for 2009, Relapse and Relapse 2. While Slim Shady delivered on Relapse, its follow-up was postponed from the second half of '09 to TBA 2010 to make way for his Relapse: Refill reissue late last year. However, Eminem […]

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  • Eminem Talks "Relapse 2" and Relating to Michael Jackson

    With Relapse: Refill due out later this month, Eminem has opened up to Complex about a variety of topics, including the addiction that threatened his life, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne and Internet porn. The big news, however, is that Em's planned Relapse 2 is still in the works despite the release of Refill, and that […]

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  • Eminem Releasing "Relapse: The Refill" Instead of "Relapse 2"

    Eminem will release Relapse: The Refill — and not Relapse 2 — on December 21st, the rapper announced on his official website today, November 19th. The Refill will include the entire Relapse, plus seven songs that didn't make the album. The DJ Hero exclusive "Taking My Ball" and the Drake/Lil Wayne/Kanye/Eminem collaboration "Forever" will be […]

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  • Eminem Teams With 50 Cent, Gets Past "Punch Lines" on "Relapse 2 "

    With Relapse 2 reportedly due out by year's end, Eminem appeared on his Sirius radio station Shade 45 this weekend to talk about his new album, the second prong of a two-tier attack that launched with the release of Relapse earlier this year. But even though Em was on his home turf, he was still […]

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  • Eminem Confirms Two 2009 Albums: "Relapse" Due May 19th

    Eminem's "Crack a Bottle" is a hit on the singles chart, and now the album it likely comes from — his long-awaited comeback LP Relapse — finally has a release date. Interscope announced that Relapse will go on sale May 19th, and a second album, titled Relapse 2 will come out in the second half […]

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