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Quicksilver Messenger Service

  • Gary Duncan, Quicksilver Messenger Service Guitarist, Dead at 72

    Influential San Francisco psychedelic rock band among Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list

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  • Rob Sheffield’s Coolest Summer Jams

    Sweat to Rob's playlist of summer songs, from "Summertime Blues" to "Call Me Maybe"

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  • Solid Silver

    The reunion of the original Quicksilver Messenger Service (plus Dino Valenti, who didn't appear on their earliest efforts) is one contradiction after another. Though much of the arranging is dull and unvaried, when the inimitable John Cipollina lets loose his stinging, tremoloed guitar, the band is at its finest. Quicksilver still revels in crisp rhythm […]

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  • Comin’ Thru

    Dino Valenti had a pretty good niche in history carved out for a while: he wrote (or at least claimed to have written) "Hey Joe," the pube classic that's been done by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to the Leaves to the Shadows of Knight. Also to Dino's songwriting credit was "Get Together," one of the […]

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  • Quicksilver

    Quicksilver is Dino Valenti's album. He wrote all the songs but two (by drummer Gary Duncan), he takes the vocals with that quavering breathy echo-laden whine which metamorphoses into an acceptable shout when he gets to screwing it on. But 'tis not on the basis of vocal or instrumental talent alone that Dino has assumed […]

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  • What About Me

    Quicksilver displayed acute weakness on their previous album and they remain very much in evidence on What About Me. Though the group has polished up considerably — at times nearly to the point of respectability — a simple coat of polish cannot disguise the fact that they haven't solved their problems. The amateurish production which […]

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  • Just for Love

    The rock and roll drought of 1970 shows no signs of letting up as summer comes to a close. A few good records have been released here and there but on the whole things have been pretty bad. These two albums show the problems even the best established bands are having. Quicksilver and the Steve […]

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  • Happy Trails

    On the cover of what is presumably Quicksilver's last album is a delightful picture that might remind one of the old Frederic Remington paintings of the Wild West; the lettering is done in pure Thirties World's Fair script; on the back are the members of the band in pen-and-ink, their cowboy portraits matching their sound; […]

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  • Quicksilver Messenger Service

    Quicksilver's initial and long-awaited excursion into the primordial clear light of San Francisco isn't quite what was expected, due to the production staff headed by the Electric Flag's Nick Gravenites and Harvey Brooks. The Quicksilver Messenger Service don't sound quite the same since they've heard the Flag and Mike Bloomfield, late arrivals on the San […]

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