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  • Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad Footage Raises Questions About Director's Role in Accident

    Following the release of footage of Michael Jackson's hair catching fire during an infamous 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot, new questions have been raised about assigning culpability in the 25-year-old incident. TMZ spoke with a Los Angeles Fire Department captain present at the shoot who claims to have overheard a conversation between Jackson and commercial director […]

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  • Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad Footage Unearthed From 1984 Shoot

    Looking back at Michael Jackson's incredible musical legacy, January 27th, 1984 stands out as one of the darkest days in the King of Pop's life. In an incident that's often been discussed but never witnessed, Jackson suffered second and third degree burns to his face and scalp while shooting a Pepsi advertisement in front of […]

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  • Where Are They Now: Arthur Brown

    His pyrotechnic antics ignited audiences in 1968, but today his world is anything but crazy

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