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  • Rolling Stone Readers’ Worst Movies of Summer 2012

    Peter Travers made his picks for the best and worst movies of summer 2012 – now it's your call. In a summer of giant blockbusters (The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises), all-star comedies (The Watch, The Campaign), supernatural fantasies (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), new version of old tales (Snow White and the Huntsman) […]

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  • Michael Fassbender Shines in Visually Stunning ‘Prometheus’

    Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel delivers on thrills

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  • Prometheus

    The ending isn't squishy scary or deeply satisfying. Bummer. Otherwise, Prometheus – especially in its spellbinding first hour – kicks ass so hard and often that it's impossible not to be thrilled by it. For starters, the look of the film is an enveloping amazement, with director Ridley Scott using 3D with the fierce finesse of […]

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