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Pemberton Festival

  • Jay-Z Talks New Album, Obama, Rock Festivals: "It's a Special Time"

    Jay-Z had a cigar pressed between his lips when Rolling Stone rolled up to his Pemberton dressing room last weekend to talk about his next album and his current live show, which features some prominent Barack Obama imagery. The first thing he cleared up: contrary to what Timbaland has told the press, the follow-up to […]

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  • Video: Wrapping Up Pemberton With Coldplay, Jay-Z and Wayne Coyne

      The inaugural Pemberton Festival brought together monster names like Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, Jay-Z, the Flaming Lips and My Morning Jacket in the mountains of British Columbia. Click above for the complete wrap-up from Pemberton, featuring live performances from Nine Inch Nails and Jay-Z and Wayne Coyne's thoughts on waste. For complete coverage of […]

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  • Pemberton Day 3: Jay-Z, N.E.R.D. Feel the Crowd on Fest's Final Day

    Jay-Z has recently become a go-to festival performer, and on Pemberton's final day he gave the Canadian crowd a set spanning his career (but no Oasis-spoofing jokes, as he did at Glastonbury). With a full band, including a horn section and a percussionist at his command, Jay sometimes doled out his smashes in their entirety […]

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  • Pemberton Day 2: Tom Petty Hauls in Crowds, Hits, Adoration

    At other festivals, Tom Petty might seem like the wild card. But in a valley full of kids raised by classic rock radio (and even some of their parents) he's quite the opposite: he's the draw. Cries of "Give me Petty!" started the second the Flaming Lips exited the stage, but it would be another […]

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  • Interpol, Nine Inch Nails Light Up Pemberton Day 1

    If Rothbury is set to be the next Bonnaroo, then the first annual Pemberton Festival will gladly take the title of next Glastonbury. Similarly isolated, sprawling and boasting acts as far flung as Tom Petty and Jay-Z, Pemberton's organizers clearly had its British brethren in mind when concocting this fest. After some typical first-day mayhem […]

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