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  • Classes Teaching RATM Still Illegal, New Arizona Schools Chief Says

    The Tucson school district has 60 days to retool Mexican-American and African-American courses teaching Rage Against the Machine lyrics and KRS-One essay

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  • Rage Against the Machine Defy Ethnic Studies Ban, Says Arizona Schools Chief

    KRS-One also targeted for "promoting resentment toward a race or class of people"

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  • Lauryn Hill, Wu Tang, Snoop Top Rock the Bells Fest

    KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick and Rakim to also perform albums from the late '80s and early '90s

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  • The Sneak Attack

    KRS-One has been many things in his fifteen-year career — activist, teacher, even thug in the early days – but with his ninth studio album, the rap veteran settles into a new role: motivational speaker. Previously known for taking a mike-shaped sledgehammer to topics like racism, police brutality and even red meat, the hyperdidactic Blastmaster […]

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  • I Got Next

    Ten years and nine albums is a highly unlikely life expectancy in the here today/gone tomorrow world of hip-hop, but self-proclaimed rap specialist KRS-One has both under his belt. Just as significantly, he's remained relevant in a genre that has changed dramatically during the past decade. And with the release of album No. 9, I […]

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  • KRS-One

    The Wu-Tang clan and their offshoots have returned an elevating spirit to the New York hip-hop scene in a way that hasn't been experienced there since the mid-'80s, when rivals KRS-One and MC Shan traded lyrical barbs with "Kill That Noise" and "The Bridge Is Over." New albums by KRS-One, Mobb Deep and Fat Joe […]

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  • Return Of The Boom Bap

    Rap is moving so fast these days that some of the wizened twentysomething pioneers of the genre seem to want to put on the brakes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It lends a well-deserved sense of tradition to hip-hop, and on Return of the Boom Bap, the sixth studio album in seven years from […]

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