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Jefferson Starship

  • Winds of Change

    Though the Jefferson Starship's musical horizons have shrunk from mystical folk-rock id mundance hard rock, the old bird still refuses to land. On Winds of Change, the Starship's hard-rock image is spruced up with thicker harmonies and a more anthemic style. Grace Slick takes a couple of grand, swooping solos — the predatory vamp of […]

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  • Freedom At Point Zero

    Without Grace Slick or Marty Balin, the Jefferson Starship is a hulk of a band, desperately in need of worthwhile material and marching inexorably toward oblivion. Literally marching: the one song that de facto leader (and sole original Jefferson Airplane member) Paul Kantner has been rewriting since Blows against the Empire is a dance-proof march […]

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  • Jefferson Starship: Strange Times at the Launching Pad

    Can Marty do it on the road and will Grace get fueled again

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  • Earth

    What is this? ? A Buckminster Fuller-influenced statement on humanity? Maybe an opus about the elements? (There's a song called "Fire" and a verse about surfing.) Or maybe there's a clue in the perspective of the title art. Is this the Jefferson Starship coming back down to earth, or simply waving goodbye as the group […]

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  • Spitfire

    The only American rock bands that have enjoyed more than a decade of commercial success while evolving their own artistic visions are the Beach Boys and the Jefferson Airplane/Starship. As the Beach Boys defined pleasure in the Sixties, the Airplane defined the counterculture's political and spiritual ideals and lived out the tribal myth. Though the […]

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  • Jefferson Starship: The Miracle Rockers

    No one expected the Airplane to fly again, but with 'Red Octopus,' the band has a hit record and a new life

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  • Red Octopus

    The big news, of course, is that Marty Balin is back. Balin never seemed to be able to get it together outside the Airplane/Starship, although he certainly did try. But nearly everything he started crumbled before it was finished. Bodacious D.F., his last band, showcased his vocals nicely, but somewhere between the decision to record […]

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  • Dragon Fly

    For several years, the nucleus of the Airplane/Starship has been struggling to hold together a concept that didn't seem workable in the first place. The performing personalities of Slick and Kantner have long seemed much too cold-hearted to deal convincingly with humanistic themes. Their icy remoteness has combined with Kantner's pedantry and Slick's sarcasm to […]

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