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Graham Parker

  • Jonny Two Bags Puts 'One Foot in the Gutter'

    Social Distortion guitarist offers a slab of pub rock

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  • On the Set of 'This is 40' with Graham Parker

    British rocker talks reuniting with the Rumour

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  • Song Premiere: Graham Parker Reunites With the Rumour After Three Decades

    'Coathangers' is first track from new LP 'Three Chords Good'

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  • On the Set of Judd Apatow's New Comedy With Graham Parker and the Rumour

    'I’m basically a metaphor for abject failure in Judd’s movie – and I couldn’t be more thrilled,' says Parker

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  • Your Country

    Country music is often the last refuge of the aging rocker, but there's nothing remotely dilettantish about this angry not-so-young man's foray into the genre. Even in his earliest days, Parker had a certain tear-in-your-beer aura about him, a vibe that's underscored here by layers of lap steel and barrelhouse piano. The latter instrument pushes […]

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  • Deepcut To Nowhere

    Graham Parker has always been a spiky one. And now, after twenty-five years of service — and with no gold watch or multi-platinum parachute in sight — the old boy is plenty cranky. "I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again" could be a love letter to his booking agent, while the hapless incompetence Parker catalogs in "It […]

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  • 12 Haunted Episodes

    Inconsistently brilliant, Graham Parker has soared (Howlin' Wind, Squeezing Out Sparks) and slumped (The Real Macaw) ever since starting out as a bardic pub rocker in 1976. His best work in years, 12 is also his subtlest. On "Pollinate," the writer famed for trenchant sarcasm sings "People think I'm filled with hate/They got it wrong, […]

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  • Burning Questions

    She walks past but you can't form a whistle," Graham Parker sings on "Platinum Blonde," one of thirteen tracks on Burning Questions. "Even her lips look artificial/You wanna follow her but you can't swallow her act." Only a handful of contemporary artists — Elvis Costello, for one — could write a lyric so briskly cynical […]

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  • Struck by Lightning

    There aren't many singer-song-writers who hit their creative stride fifteen years into their career, but then again there aren't many singer-songwriters like Graham Parker. And as his exquisite new album, Struck by Lightning, makes utterly clear, we sure could use a few more just like him.   Howlin' Wind — Parker's 1976 debut — introduced […]

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  • Human Soul

    Ever since he brought British soul punk to songwriting in 1976, Graham Parker has been working on the difficult second act of his career. Lacking Elvis Costello's ingenuity or Joe Jackson's ambition, the more simply talented Parker has never reinvented his music persona: While various producers and musicians have adjusted the tone of his recordings, […]

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