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  • Coachella 2011: Glasser Electronica band on playing live

    "I've only been making music for the past three years," Cameron Mesirow of the Brooklyn electronica band Glasser told Rolling Stone at the Coachella festival on Sunday. "I really wanted to make music for a long time, but I was a little scared and I needed to come into my own a little bit." RS at Coachella: […]

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  • Video: How Glasser Brought Their Electronic Music to the Stage

    Frontwoman Cameron Mesirow says she was afraid to make music for a long time

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  • Ring

    The debut from L.A.'s Glasser (born Cameron Mesirow) begins with a magic trick. The opening "Apply" kicks off with a lumbering beat that's weighed down further by a groaning synth — but then the vocals hit, and against all laws of physics, the song takes flight. Glasser has a Björkian gift for pairing airy melodies […]

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