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Foxboro Hot Tubs

  • Green Day Moonlight as Foxboro Hot Tubs at Beer-Soaked Secret Show

    Billie Joe Armstrong and Co. pound out garage rock at New York's tiny Bowery Electric

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  • Green Day Revive Foxboro Hot Tubs for Surprise London Show

    Green Day waited until November 1st to celebrate Halloween, taking on their alternate identity — garage band Foxboro Hot Tubs — for a secret late-night show in London. The performance at the small Garage venue came just hours after Green Day's final official U.K. concert at the city's Wembley Stadium. For the Foxboro Hot Tubs […]

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  • Stop Drop and Roll

    Foxboro Hot Tubs' debut sounds awfully familiar.Those buzzing power chords in "Alligator"? Cribbed from the Kinks' "You Really Got Me." That sleazy organ whine in "Ruby Room"? Straight out of Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints." Stop Drop and Roll is a time-machine blast back to the mid-Sixties moment when guitars got fuzztoned and pot […]

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  • Foxboro Hot Tubs Go Back to the Garage at Tiny Austin Club Show

    Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs declined the backstage at Emo's in Austin last night. Instead, they entered through the front door of the 300-person club, presumably from the tour bus parked out front. In that 10-second, body-crammed span, a paparazzi-style photographer lit them up like the Griswold Christmas tree despite the no-camera mandate. […]

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  • Green Day Cut Secret New Album

    Band rushes out new music as Foxboro Hot Tubs

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