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Echo & The Bunnymen

  • Crystal Days (1979-1999)

    Never as pretty as the Smiths, as anthemic or grand as their rival U2 or as suicidal as Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen fell between the U.K. post-punk cracks at the dawn of the Eighties. But the band's proto-Brit-pop sound resonates today in bands ranging from the Stone Roses through Radiohead and Oasis. Frontman […]

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  • Evergreen

    Echo and the Bunnymen's reunion album doesn't quite hit the high-water mark of their 1984 classic, Ocean Rain, but it's a stunning comeback nonetheless. While late drummer Pete De Freita's tribal fills are missed (he died in a 1989 motorcycle accident), the remaining three-quarters of Echo find their hypnotic chemistry intact. Frontman Ian McCulloch brings […]

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  • Echo & The Bunnymen

    When it comes to studio craft, the accepted wisdom is that every song could benefit from another hook, another coat of polish. Although some producers approach these makeup sessions as if they were cosmetic surgery, their true purpose is merely to improve what is already there, highlighting the attractive features while brushing over unsightly pockmarks […]

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  • Ocean Rain

    Suspended somewhere 'twixt heaven and hell, Echo and the Bunnymen take an oddly visceral pleasure in their spiritual limbo, evoking a vast, white, arctic expanse that's silent, unbroken and pure — but also deadly. The band's fourth full-length LP is too often a monochromatic dirge of banal existential imagery cloaked around the mere skeleton of […]

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  • Echo and the Bunnymen: 'Boonymusic' Makes Its Mark

    The best band to come out of Liverpool since the Beatles, it's only the beginning for Echo and the Bunnymen

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  • Crocodiles

    Leave it to the fad-happy British — the same people who brought you the 2-Tone ska craze, the refurbished mods and the heavy-metal revival — to teach that old dog psychedelia some new tricks. In addition to sharing profoundly silly names, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Teardrop Explodes share managers, producers, a hometown (Liverpool) […]

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  • The Rod Stewart Album

    Rod Stewart, lead singer with the off-again on-again Jeff Beck group, has come up with a superb album of his own. Imagination pervades the music, in the choice of material, in the frequent use of beautiful bottleneck guitar work to draw out the subtler aspects of many cuts (Ron Wood is responsible here), and in […]

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