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Coachella 2008

  • Coachella 2008: Hottest Live Performance Photos

    Prince, The Raconteurs, Roger Waters, Jack Johnson and more

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  • The Flight of the Pig

    Where did Roger Waters' pig go after Coachella? A special Rolling Stone photo investigation

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  • My Coachella: M.I.A. Gets the Bodies Moving

    M.I.A. wasn't trying to top her career-making Coachella 2005 gig when she hit the stage Saturday night, but the Sri Lankan-born Maya Arulpragasam managed to outdo herself, delivering one of this weekend's most buzzed about performances. "For me, Coachella's different from other festivals," she told Rock Daily earlier in the day from her backstage trailer. […]

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  • Coachella Interview: Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard Discusses New Album

    "I am tempered for the Northwest, so I don't do well in this kind of heat," said Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, hiding out in the icebox-cold back lounge of his tour bus several hours before his band took the stage at Coachella Saturday evening. The deep freeze paid off, and Death Cab […]

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  • My Coachella: Portishead Discuss Returning to Festivals and Getting Bumped By Prince

    When Portishead's headlining gig at this year's Coachella fest was announced, it was to be the British trip-hop trio's first U.S. concert in a decade, so they were less than thrilled when Prince was added to the bill above them. "I'm not the biggest Prince fan," says band multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrow. "I don't mean any […]

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  • Coachella Day Three: Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket and Justice Send Revelers Home Happy

    There was no moon in the Coachella sky as Roger Waters stepped onstage for the final headline set of the festival on Sunday, bringing his own airborne props, exploding fireballs and the elegant, mind-expanding music of Pink Floyd. Embedded in Waters' set was Floyd's entire 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon, still one the […]

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  • Coachella Video: Prince's Special Cover of Radiohead's "Creep"

      As we reported on Saturday, and as Jack Johnson prognosticated on Friday, Prince wowed the Coachella audience with an emotional take on Radiohead's "Creep." For those who missed the Purple One's performance in the Indio desert, check out the cover above, and keep checking back for more video as the festival-goers return to their […]

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  • Coachella Day Three: Stars, Gogol Bordello, Metric and More

    The crowd was noticeably thinner (and the bathroom lines therefore shorter) on Coachella's third and final day. Attendees weary from Prince's marathon set Saturday night wandered in to the strains of Stars' boy/girl vocal combo of Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan emanating from the Main Stage. The group performed an energetic rendition of "Set Yourself […]

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  • My Coachella: The Cool Kids

    One of the Cool Kids MCs, Mikey Rocks, was wielding a giant blue supersoaker and threatening to douse anyone in the VIP area "who's trying to look too cool" when Rock Daily caught up to him Sunday afternoon outside his trailer in the artist area at Coachella. Before the water carnage began, we asked him […]

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  • My Coachella: Does It Offend You, Yeah?

    James Rushent and Dan Coop of Does It Offend You, Yeah? have a solution for bands missing that key piece of percussion that you always seem to need more of: "When there's not a cowbell, use a bottle," Rushent says. Beer bottles weren't as plentiful at Coachella as they'd hoped, though. "You can't take drinks […]

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