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Christopher Guest

  • Spinal Tap Break Out Classics on 'Unwigged & Unplugged' Tour

    The men of Spinal Tap went costume-free last night at Southern California's Grove of Anaheim, but Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer had no trouble getting into character: Singing Tap classics as well as material from A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman, the trio offered pitch-perfect parodies of arena-rock excess and folk-revival earnestness […]

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  • Behind the Wigs: The Return of Spinal Tap

    Twenty-five years after "This Is Spinal Tap" the half-kidding rockers are back for a new album and tour

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  • 'For Your Consideration'

    Catherine O'Hara is comic perfection as Marilyn Hack in Christopher Guest's latest comedy

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  • A Mighty Wind

    Folk music numbs me. But the sheer exuberance of A Mighty Wind, directed with mirth and mischief by Christopher Guest, who devised the story with Eugene Levy and let the cast improv the rest, had me begging for more. Just as he used the faux-documentary format to spoof community theater in Waiting for Guffman and […]

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  • Waiting for Guffman

    If a mockumentary about the citizens of Blaine, Mo., staging a musical to celebrate the town’s 150th anniversary doesn’t grab you, hold on. Actor-director-writer-composer Christopher Guest (guitarist Nigel Tufnel in This Is Spinal Tap) loads an arsenal of laughs into a deceptively small package. Wearing bangs and speaking in a lisp that barely skirts gay […]

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  • The Big Picture

    You keep rooting for this Hollywood sendup to make it, even as the bad ideas start gaining on the good. What a concept: Create a comedy about a student filmmaker (Kevin Bacon) who wins a chance to develop a movie at a major studio and along the way compromises his talent, betrays his best friend, […]

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  • 'This Is Spinal Tap': The Comics Behind the Funniest Rock Movie Ever

    Celebrating 17 years of heavy metal's most painful career

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