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Band Breakup

  • Trent Reznor Says Goodbye to Nine Inch Nails

    This tour is more of a victory lap for the NIN mastermind

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  • Nine Inch Nails Wrap Final Tour With Epic Los Angeles Show

    Trent Reznor came to Los Angeles to end it all. Two decades after releasing his first Nine Inch Nails album, Reznor brought the band's life as a touring act to a close Thursday with a sweeping three-hour concert at the Wiltern Theater, erupting with sounds intense and emotional from throughout his career for a full […]

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  • Why the Beatles Broke Up

    The inside story of the forces that tore apart the world's greatest band

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  • Why the Beatles Broke Up: The New Issue of Rolling Stone

    On January 30th, 1969, the Beatles made their last public appearance, performing a gig on the roof of Apple Records. A year later, they were done for real: Paul McCartney sued to dissolve the band, concluding what Mikal Gilmore calls "one of the most mysterious and complicated end-of-romance tales of the 20th century."   But […]

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  • Why the Beatles Broke Up: The Story Behind Our Cover

    Over 365 days, 65 pieces of text and exactly 1,440 pages of notes: Mikal Gilmore on his new investigation into the Fab Four's fall

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  • Tour Briefs: Nine Inch Nails Get Back On the Road

    Bonnaroo won't be the band's last U.S. gig ever after all

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  • Ex-Panic! At the Disco Members Will Embrace Beach Boys, Kinks

    While Panic! At the Disco fans continue to mourn Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker's departure from the band, Ross talked to MTV to reiterate that creative differences over the direction of Panic!'s third album caused the split. In the past few months, tensions between members during the writing process split Panic! into two camps: […]

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  • Radiohead Advised to 'Split Up' Prior to 'In Rainbows'

    Buried deep inside an Irish Times story about musicians surviving in the Internet age is a revelation that thankfully never became reality: Radiohead's own managers recommended the band "split up" as the group struggled to record what eventually became In Rainbows. That's what Brian Message, whose Courtyard Management helps oversee the band, admitted, saying that […]

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  • Steven Tyler is Staying in Aerosmith, Says Daughter Liv

    Reports surfaced yesterday that eternally young-ish Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was contemplating leaving the band because his bandmates — sniff — "don't appreciate him." According to one of those shifty-eyed anonymous sources we all love so much, Tyler's daughter Liv was overheard saying that her pops was fixin' to split due to his unfair treatment. […]

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  • Sleater-Kinney Announce Split

    The blog reports are true: Sub Pop Records has confirmed that Sleater-Kinney will be calling it a day after playing Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 4th. Read on for the official statement.   Dear esteemed friends and supporters of Sleater-Kinney:   I bring this information to you with a bit of heavy heart as all […]

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