Super Bowl 50 Commercials: The Best and Worst From the Big Game
PuppyMonkeyBaby, Mountain Dew's terrifying Super Bowl creation. Mountain Dew

Even a diehard Broncos fan would probably admit Super Bowl 50 was a snooze, with Denver's defense controlling Cam Newton – that's putting it mildly – and grinding out a win in the Big Game.

It was even a pretty staid night for Super Bowl commercials, at least until Peyton Manning promised to drink all the Budweisers in San Francisco (er, Santa Clara) during his postgame speech. Of course, a few Super spots did manage to make a Beyoncé-like splash – while others crumpled like Cam under pressure. Here are our picks for the best and worst from Super Bowl 50…the ads that either made us look up from the queso dip long enough to celebrate, or cry like Josh Norman.