6 Spectacularly Sad NBA Slam Dunk Contest Moments
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty

It's like the man Leo Tolstoy said: "All good dunk contest dunks are alike; each dunk contest fail is atrocious in its own way."

For every Vince Carter, every Jason Richardson, every Zach LaVine who seamlessly balances on the knife-edge between explosive athleticism and supple grace, who gives you the queasy, butterfly feeling of seeing a human touch the face of God and slam a basketball through it, there are dozens of J.R. Smiths, Richard Jeffersons and Gerald Wallaces – ho-hum but ultimately forgettable participants.

But then there are those rarest of birds, the massive, cringe-inducing, abominable dunk contest flameouts that yes, are each atrocious in their own way. And as we prepare for Saturday night's Verizon Slam Dunk extravaganza – sure to be the highest anyone not named Drake gets during NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto – here's a look back at 6 of the most spectacular failures in dunk contest history.