10 Funniest 'Saturday Night Live' Athlete Hosts

Ronda Rousey takes on her toughest challenge yet as host of 'SNL' – can she follow in the footsteps of these sports greats?

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2. Michael Jordan, 1991

What do you do when you're the biggest sports star on the planet? Host SNL, of course! With multiple memorable sketches, Jordan demonstrated a penchant for humor and an astute understanding of comedic timing. Case in point: his appearance on Stuart Smalley's "Daily Affirmation," where Jordan – or "Michael J," to protect his identity – gets laughs merely by riffing on his spectacular basketball skills. Smalley's repeated efforts to bolster Jordan's self-esteem ("I can imagine that, a night before a game you must lie awake thinking, 'I'm not good enough…I have no business playing this game'") fall on deaf ears, though he does get MJ to look into the mirror and repeat his self-help spiel – "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me" – while the audience whoops in approval.

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