10 Best WWE Wrestlers of 2016
Sasha Banks, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles among 10 Best WWE Wrestlers of 2016

Lists, as we know, are no longer just for year's end. Critical rankings have become the backbone of daily online content, both watering down and helping to organize cultural conversation. But the only ones that really matter are those meta-lists we compile come December, those that state definitively: "These were the absolute best or worst of a particular class of thing." And for our purposes, that thing is pro wrestling. And in this instance, the class in question is WWE. (Besides, all the NJPW, ROH, etc. stars will find their way to NXT within 2017 anyhow.) And here, then, is our no-disqualification, eligibility counts anywhere (i.e. either Raw or SmackDown), numerically ordered roundup of WWE's top 10 performers for 2016.