'Sea of Thieves' PC Specs Detailed, From 'Cursed' to 'Mythical'

Supports everything from integrated graphics to Nvidia 1080 Ti, AMD Vega 6

Sea of Thieves, Rare's seafaring piracy game, is the developer's first Xbox Play Anywhere title and the team has worked to ensure that the game will play in a lot of places, from an Xbox One to a low-spec laptop.

This week, the developer detailed the specs for six different sorts of computers to give gamers a sense of what they'd get out of their rigs once they launch the game. The low end specs for a "cursed" build include support for an integrated graphics card and a Intel Iris 540 CPU, while the "mythical" build requires an Intel 4790 4Ghz or AMD Ryzen 5 3.6Ghz system and GTX 1080Ti or RX Vega 6 GPU. The former ends up delivering a whimpering 540p resolution at 30 fps (but hey, at least it works.) while the high-end gets you 4k at 60 fps. You can see the full chart below.

The team points out on the post that the game is "perfectly playable" at 540p and reminds readers that you could always move over to your Xbox One when you're home.

Sea of Thieves and all of its backwards-banana-eating, music-playing, rum-drinking shenanigans hits on March 20th.