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These Smart Robot Vacuums Use Advanced Sensors To Map Your Room and Clean Better

This cutting-edge technology will leave you with even cleaner floors without any extra work

Neato D8 Intelligent Robot VacuumNeato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum


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The best technology saves time by doing manual, tedious work for us. Robot vacuums are one of the best examples of this, and they just keep getting better.

The smart, Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuums available today last longer, clean more efficiently, and cost less than ever before. There’s also more choice than ever, whether you’re looking for the top-named brand, or want an alternative.

While you can find a great deal on a basic robot vacuum, it’s worth considering some of the latest smart models. One of the features that sets smart robot vacuums apart is that they can use sensors to map out your room. This allows them to avoid obstacles more easily, and create the most efficient cleaning path possible.

If your place has a lot of furniture, or you want to use one robot vacuum to clean an entire floor of your home. Below are the best smart robot vacuums that are available right now.

What Are the Best Smart Robot Vacuums?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best smart robot vacuums you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Smart Features: The smart robot vacuums we recommend come with a remote, but all of them can be controlled by an app on your phone (iOS and Android). Many of them can also be connected to an Amazon Echo or Google Nest smart speaker, which allows you to ask the robot vacuum to start or stop cleaning.

Height: The size of your new cleaning robot is important for two reasons. Smaller robot vacuums can squeeze under low couches for a more complete cleaning, but their dustbin or battery may be smaller. Think about the size of your place and your furniture before making your choice.

Battery life: Every smart robot vacuum in this guide can last for at least 75 minutes (one hour and 15 minutes), so they’ll be able to clean multiple rooms on a single charge. They’re smart enough to return to their charging cradle when their battery is running low, so they won’t get stuck.

1. iRobot Roomba i3+

Roomba i3+


Roomba is the first word that comes to mind when most people think of robot vacuums, and the i3+ model proves this reputation is well earned.

The i3+ uses Roomba’s Wi-Fi Connected Mapping technologies to analyze the space it’s in before it starts cleaning. We’ve tested this robot vacuum for ourselves, and can confirm this makes a big difference. Roomba’s latest software helped the i3+ maneuver swiftly without missing any spots.

This robot vacuum is 3.6 inches tall, so it had no problem reading under a bed, radiator, coffee table, or entertainment center. It’s also surprisingly quiet, except for the times when its cleaning an extremely messy area, which is to be expected.

iRobot’s Roomba i3+ can be connected to an Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio speaker, which allows you to start, stop, or schedule up a cleaning using your smart platform of choice. You can also use iRobot’s iOS and Android app.

You should expect the iRobot Roomba i3+ to run for about 90 minutes before retreating to its charging base. If it’s not done cleaning, the vacuum will automatically pick up where it left off after it’s charged. This multi-sessions cleaning feature is great if you need to clean a larger area.

Once it’s done cleaning, the iRobot Roomba i3+ will automatically deposit any dirt from its bin into a dirt disposal bag, which only needs to be emptied out every couple of months. This is a huge benefit that saves time and keeps your hands clean.

If you want a smart, efficient, and mostly hands-off robot vacuum, iRobot’s Roomba i3+ is the clear choice.

Buy: iRobot Roomba i3+ at $449.99

2. Roborock E4

Roborock Robot Vacuum


Roborock’s E4 Robot Vacuum uses a feature called Route Planning to scope your room, and clean up to 10% faster than similar models.

The company says the E4’s Z-shaped cleaning pattern is a lot more efficient, and that it can last up to 200 minutes (roughly three and a half hours) on its lowest setting. The vacuum can automatically return to its charging dock and continue cleaning if it didn’t complete its job.

This robot vacuum doesn’t come with a separate cleaning dock, but its large dustbin can hold enough dirt that you probably won’t have to empty it every time you run the E4. You can control this vacuum with Roborock’s app, or connect it to an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

We’re recommending the Roborock E4 because it’s a great smart robot vacuum, but you can also use it as a mop by getting a water tank accessory. This turns the robot vacuum into an efficient two-in-one cleaning system that will leave your floors free from dirt and shiny.

The only potential downside to the Roborck E4 is its height. At 5.9 inches, it’s probably a little too tall for certain spaces. If that isn’t an issue for your home, this robot vacuum deserves serious consideration.

Buy: Roborock E4 at $269.99

Note: While the Roborock E4’s price is $269.89, you can get a $60 discount by clipping a coupon on Amazon. This brings the E4’s price down to $099.98.

3. Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge

Eufy Anker RoboVac G30


We’re big fans of Eufy’s RoboVac line, and the G30 uses new Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 technology to ensure it cleans effectively.

This next generation software allows the G30 to retain a cleaning history, so it knows where it’s been, and how long it spent in a particular area. Over time, this will allow the robot vacuum to prioritize the areas of your room that need a little extra care.

If you’ve used a robot vacuum before, you know the frustration of having to place a chair near a power strip to prevent the machine from getting stuck. Eufy includes magnetic “boundary strips” that the G30’s sensors can identify and avoid. You can control the G30 using the included remote, Eufy’s app, an Amazon Echo, or a Google Nest Audio speaker.

The RoboVac G30 Edge is just 2.85 inches tall, which means it will be able to fit under just about any piece of furniture. It has a pretty big dustbin, and can last for up to 100 minutes on its normal setting. If your floor needs a deep clean, the RoboVac G30 will kick into a max suction mode, and last about 50 minutes per charge.

If you want a slim, smart, and powerful robot vacuum and don’t mind its slightly shorter cleaning time, Eufy’s RoboVac G30 Edge is a solid pick.

Buy: Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge at $239.99

Note: While the RoboVac G30’s price is $349.89, you can get a $60 discount by clipping a coupon on Amazon. This brings the G30’s price down to $289.98.

4. Neato D8

Neato D8


The D8 is Neato’s latest robot vacuum, and its patented LaserSmart technology uses sensors that can map out any room whether it’s day or night.

The D8’s unique shape allows its flat side to sit flush to the wall while it cleans, which means dust won’t be able to “hide” next to your molding, or in a corner. Neato says the D8’s brushes are 70% larger than the ones found on a typical robot vacuum, so they can steer even more dust and dirt toward the vacuum’s suction system. At 4-inches tall it’s a little on the big side, but not too much.

In addition to sucking dirt, Neato says the D8’s filters can trap up to 99% of allergens. If you or someone you live with suffers from a dust allergy, this is a game changer. It has the largest dustbin of any robot vacuum in this guide, so you’ll have to clean it less frequently, too.

The D8 can run for up to 100 minutes per charge, and will continue cleaning if it didn’t get its job done in one pass. You can start, stop, or schedule a cleaning using the included remote, an app (iOS or Android), or an Amazon Echo.

Instead of including physical boundary strips, Neato allows you to set up “no go zones” in its app once the vacuum has mapped out your room. If you want a high-powered robot vacuum, or one that can help prevent your allergies from flaring up, we can’t recommend Neato’s D8 highly enough.

Buy: Neato D8 at $299.99

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