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Make the Smart Switch With These Smart Light Switches

Connecting a smart light switch gives you instant access to control your home’s lighting by phone, tablet, or even voice

smart light switch reviewssmart light switch reviews


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A smart light switch gives you more control over the lighting in your home, letting you adjust settings, control brightness levels and more, all without having to get up and actually hit the switch yourself. The best smart light switches let you access the lighting in any room you choose, wirelessly and effortlessly.

And while it’s super convenient to adjust your lights without leaving the couch, the best feature of a smart light isn’t what you can do at home, but rather what you can do when you’re not at home.

Most come with a paired app that’s a quick download away, and once it’s installed, you’ll be able to adjust lights from anywhere – whether at the office or on vacation. It’s an excellent way to deter thieves, ensure that everything is turned off instead of eating up electricity, and flip on specific switches before you even return and walk in the door..

You’ll be saving energy, and money as well. Setting timers on the lights around the house is a huge help too when integrated with your routine, and can assist you with keeping a regimented schedule as well as a healthy sleep cycle (or force “lights-out” time in your kids’ room after a certain hour).

Installing one switch at a time is an option, but if you know you’ll want your entire home connected up eventually anyway, purchasing multiple switches at once can save you money and effort. There are more similarities than differences across the board of basic smart switches, but bonus features can be purchased too, such as an extra bright dimmer, added outlet, or a fan-speed controller for an instant smart ceiling fan.

A final and important pro-tip: If you don’t feel comfortable messing with your home’s wiring and voltage, or don’t have the proper know-how, any electrician can easily install these safely and quickly. For most smart light switches, you’ll need to have a neutral wire, and the majority of houses do, unless the wiring is still pre-Seventies. Either way, be sure to check before buying, and be safe when attempting to install anything electrical.

1. Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link

The Kasa Smart Light Switch is super easy to use and pair with your device. These integrate with your existing smart plugs, and are easily controlled through the Kasa app (which also works with all TP-Link devices). You can also control these light switches via a smart home system like Amazon Alexa.

TP-Link makes models with and without the dimmer features. Once it’s installed and receiving power, a little LED light should pop up on the switch. From here, the Kasa app takes you through the rest of the setup, giving you the options to do things like name the light and set the dimming ranges (on the newer models).

It’s also easy to connect it to the rest of your smart home too, through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, letting you control the lighting with a simple voice command. The app lets you do things like grouping lights into zones, set a countdown to turn off, simulate someone being home while you’re out, and even sync up with sunrise and sunset times.

Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link


Buy: Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link at $14.99

2. Single Pole Treatlife Smart Light Switch

This FCC-certified switch lets you monitor your light status in real time, whether from away or from your bed, right from your phone or tablet using the Smart Life app.

A small LED light on the switch itself lets you see it clearly in the dark, without disturbing any sleepers that are sensitive to nightlights. This is also an excellent way to thwart any potential thieves while you’re away, turning individual switches off and on, making it look like people are inside and moving from room to room. Also, if you’re in a cold climate and forget to turn off a garage or outdoor light, controlling it comfortably from inside on an app is a much better alternative. It also can work for whatever your light switch controls, including ceiling fans and other fixtures.

This set comes with a switch and plate that should fit most homes, and everything you need to install it. It connects up to your WiFi, and there are no subscriptions required, but be sure you’ve got a 2.4GHz band, as well as a neutral wire, and that the power source is disconnected from the switch before installing.

Connecting to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is easy, and lets you avoid opening the app with just a simple voice command (and a quick response time too). It’s an overall solid switch, but note that there’s no dimmer here  – that’s in an upgraded model).

 Single Pole Treatlife Smart Light Switch



Buy: Single Pole Treatlife Smart Light Switch at $44.99

3. Leviton Decora Smart LED Dimmer

Leviton’s been designing lighting and accessories since way before things got “smart,” beginning more than a century ago in 1906. They’ve managed to keep up with the times though, and branched out into different modern ventures like stage lighting, electric vehicle chargers, and this well-built 600 watt incandescent dimming switch.

The faceplate fits most homes, and dimming is simple with the designated switch on the side. A green LED light shows the status of the switch when connected, and the MyLeviton app gives you full control over the switch from your mobile device.

No hub is required here, and connecting to Alexa or Google is optional, but integration into the rest of your smart home is smooth if you choose to, and offers neat options like dimming by a voice command to a specifically precise percentage of your choice.

Leviton Decora Smart LED Dimmer


Buy: Leviton Decora Smart LED Dimmer at $84.95

4. Gosund Smart Light Switch

GoSound’s switch offers a higher input, output and wattage than some other brands, and was designed with a focus on limiting current and voltage, guarding against surges and spikes. It offers flammability protection, and features ETC/FCC certification.

An easily visible LED indicates when the lights are on or off, and the switches have a solid spring-back feel to them. This switch also works with the SmartLife app, which is pretty universal, and can be paired easily with your Alexa or Google Assistant as well as shared with family members. No hub is required, and the lights still function even if your internet goes down.

Gosund Smart Light Switch


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