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RS Recommends: The Best Smart Lamps to Add to Your Smart Home

Adjust the lighting in your room using just your voice, or sync your smart lamp to your favorite music or TV shows to create colorful lighting effects

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Philips Hue/Amazon

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With the constant release of new Alexa and Google-enabled devices, converting to a smart home seems almost inevitable. You’ve got smart lights, smart speakers and even smart plugs to choose from, and something that’s picked up in recent years is smart lamps.

What Can a Smart Lamp Do?

The best smart lamps let you adjust hue, brightness, set automatic timers and are even portable enough so you can take them with you wherever you go — as long as you have a stable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection.

Similar to smart lights, smart lamps work with your chosen voice assistant to illuminate your space while also acting as mood and accent lighting, creating lighting effects for your TV shows and movies, and even functioning a wake up alarm.

What to Look For in a Smart Lamp

There are a number of good smart lamps out there, so to make it easy to choose, we’ve listed everything you need to look for to find the best smart lamp for you.

Smart Home integration: Your new smart lamp should be functional with your smart home ecosystem. For example, if you use Google Home, you won’t want to choose a lamp that only functions with Alexa. Plus, some of the options mentioned below may not be compatible with Siri, if you’ve got an Apple-enabled smart home. Always check to see if your chosen smart lamp has got the voice assistant functionality you need.

Hue and brightness: Does your smart lamp have a generic amber glow or are you able to adjust the color and brightness settings to your liking? Every smart lamp we’ve mentioned below has the option to be customized into any color you want via both voice commands and in-app settings.

Portability: Some smart lamps must be plugged into a socket to function and some work on a rechargeable battery. Generally, if it’s got a rechargeable battery it’s considered portable. This means you’ll be able to set your smart light anywhere around your home and even carry it into your balcony or backyard during warmer weather.

Extra features: Can your smart lamp sync to movies and TV shows in your home theater? Does it have auto-shut-off features or can you set a timer to it? Does your smart lamp mimic your sleep/wake schedule? There are a lot of things a good smart lamp can do and these are just some of the extra features you should be looking for before you purchase your own.

1. Philips Hue Go

The Philips Hue Go is a compact, portable smart lamp that can accentuate your bedroom, game room, or even your outdoor space during the summer months.

Battery life runs up to 18 hours depending on which mode you use this light on (candlelight mode conserves the most battery). There are about 16 million different hues to choose from, so whether you want a subtle sky blue to wake up to, or a dimmed warm orange light before bed, this compact little gadget can be set to any color light you want.

To change the colors or brightness, download the Hue Bluetooth App. There, you can even set the scene with lighting modes like “Blue Lagoon,” “Sundowner” and more. Through the app, you can also set lighting routines so your smart lamp knows when to turn on and off, even while you’re away.

This smart lamp can also pair with booth Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a hands-free experience. And, there’s a manual option as well through the button on the back of this product which lets you adjust your light settings.

Do note though, that to access certain features like syncing your smart lamp to music or activating automatic light schedules, you’ll need to separately purchase the Philips hub. If you’ve got any other Philips smart lights you might already own the hub, but if you’re new to the smart home galaxy, purchase it now at $55.

Philips hue go

Philips Hue/Amazon

Buy: Philips Hue Go at $79.95

2. Govee Lyra Floor Lamp

If you’re trying to light up your entire room, you’re going to need a floor lamp, like the Govee Lyra.

It’s considerably pricier, but this feature-rich smart lamp is worth the money. Here’s why: It’s got a minimalistic, modern design that will fit in with any kind of home decor, over 64 different light effects to transform your space, and 16 million hues to choose from. It can also become incredibly bright at 1500 lumens (as much as a standard light bulb).

Just make sure to download the Govee Home app. With the app’s DIY mode you can even design your own custom color effects. It’s compatible with both Alexa and Google home assistants too, allowing you to access this smart lamp with your voice.

There is also a built-in music mode allowing you to sync this light with your favorite tunes, giving you a club-like experience straight at home.

Govee smart lamp


Buy: Govee Lyra Floor Lamp at $145.99

3. Amazon Echo Glow

The Amazon Echo Glow is advertised as a smart lamp for kids, but really, it’s a great product no matter your age.

Simply connect your Echo Glow to your existing Alexa-enabled smart speaker to use it. Unfortunately, this device is only compatible with Alexa — sorry Google, Apple or Samsung smart home users.

Like other smart lamps on this list, the Echo Glow can be set to any color you like. It’s also got a unique rainbow timer function which helps you count down to bedtime. Accessing it is simple, just ask Alexa to set a Rainbow timer to your new Glow lamp. Similar to that you can also set a wake-up routine, allowing you to wake up to a warm glow even when it’s downcast outside.

There are lighting scene modes too like Campfire or Underwater, adding a little whimsy to this budget-friendly lamp. For all its fun features it’s also extremely light at only 245 grams, although it doesn’t have portability features or high brightness levels like some of the other picks on this list.

Echo glow


Buy: Amazon Echo Glow at $29.99

4. Lepro Smart Lamp

Similar to other smart lamps on this list, this smart lamp functions with both Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

Download the Lepro LampUX app to do everything from customizing your new lamp with 16 million different color choices or setting timers for your wind-down routine. It’s also dimmable if you’re looking for some mood lighting.

This lamp is portable too, like some of the other options on this list. Simply connect it to a power bank through the Type C USB Port and carry this illuminator with you wherever you go. It’s not the brightest option available (350 lumens) but it doesn’t require any sort of hub, and can even be used without the need of a smart speaker — adjust light settings through the app or through the button on the lamp itself.

Lepro smart lamp


Buy: Lepro Smart Lamp at $41.99

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