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These Kitchen Smart Faucets Flow With the Future

Teach your kitchen sink new tricks with these voice, app or gesture-controlled faucets

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As smart devices continue to get even smarter, integrating them into your entire home is becoming increasingly common. Phones, TVs, even lighting and locks are now often operated by a voice command, or adjusted from a designated app. But connecting up a smart home goes way beyond your front door and entertainment center: don’t forget about your kitchen too.

What Are Smart Faucets?

Voice-activated or “smart” faucets are not only a cool addition to any kitchen, but can also be entirely practical as well. Alexa (or Google Assistant) proves to be a diligent sous chef while you’re multi-tasking and making a mess, always listening for your instructions. The voice-activated software can do things like adjust the water temperature right down to the degree, fill a container to the amount desired, and also lets you pre-program simply-named tasks for frequent use, like “fill pitcher” to get the tap flowing to your exact specifications.

How Do Smart Faucets Work?

Most of the best smart faucets all feature one-touch activation, where a simple elbow bump anywhere on the unit will get the water flowing – a huge help when your hands are caked with dough or sauce. Other smart faucets contain a sensor in the front, ready to receive commands from a gentle hand-wave to turn on or off. These are controlled by a box below the actual faucet, in order to bypass having to physically crank the faucet knob (although that’s still always an option too). Some models also contain an LED indicator that’s easily viewable from a distance, telling you the current water temperature, with blue for cold, red for hot, and an array of colors in-between.

These faucets offer options that everyone from amateur chefs to professionals will figure out ways to use in order to increase their kitchen productivity, but the accompanying app is where everything is really tied together. It’s in here that you can track your water usage, control water temperature remotely, and even prevent pipes from freezing in the winter while not in use.

We’ve chosen options from legendary leaders in the field of faucets to help get your kitchen, and your cooking, streamlined and smarter.

1. Delta Faucet VoiceIQ Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta designed this sleek looking faucet to be lightly touched anywhere, with any part of your hand or arm, to turn it on and off – which is particularly convenient during cooking when your hands are covered in food.

The temperature and water flow still comes out at whatever you’ve got the physical faucet set to, and a visible LED light lets you check the water temperature from across the kitchen. It easily integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for commands like turning water on and off, adjusting temperatures, and pouring specific amounts of measurements.

Hooking up your sink’s spray attachment is simple too, and snaps right in with magnets, while the integrated supply lines are designed to protect against leakage. But just be aware: an AC adapter (and a nearby wall outlet) is required for voice activation, while six AA batteries are necessary to activate the Touch20 tech.

Delta Faucet Trinsic VoiceIQ Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet


Buy: Delta Faucet VoiceIQ Kitchen Sink Faucet at $583.55

2. U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen’s smart-faucet features a handy LED light that tells you the temperature before it comes out, with blue for cold, red for hot, and purple as an in-between warm.

Setup is simple too, and can be completed in a few hours. The faucet also connects to the Moen app, from which you can add and edit your presets, see how much water you’ve been using per day, check what your peak hours are, even change the water temperature instantly. Other settings come in handy to conserve water usage, like setting an auto-shutoff after a certain amount of time.

Another neat feature is “Freeze Protection,” which can keep the water in the pipes moving just enough to keep them from freezing on a chilly day.

Moen 7185EVSRS Brantford U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


Buy: U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet at $461.00

3. Delta Mateo VoiceIQ Touch Faucet

Delta’s Mateo faucet not only looks modern and feels solid, it’s also well-protected against leakage. Its patented Diamond-Seal Tech cuts down the most common leak points, lasting up to twice as long as standard industry faucets.

It features Voice IQ for voice activation and integration with your smart-home AI of choice (a wall outlet is required), and also the ability to turn it on or off with one touch. An LED indicator not only tells you the current water temperature with clear colors, but also if there’s an issue going on with the sink or connection. All supply lines are included here, and no plumber is needed for installation.

 Delta Faucet Mateo VoiceIQ Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet


Buy: Delta Mateo VoiceIQ Touch Faucet at $734.93

4. Moen 7864EVBL Sleek U Kitchen Faucet

No outlet is required on this eye-catching kitchen addition, as the box underneath is powered by 6D batteries. And since the actual faucet on your sink won’t be controlling the water’s temperature, it’s best to always have some spare batteries on hand.

The Alexa integration is especially neat, and can get the tap flowing with a simple “Alexa, ask Moen to turn on (and off).” You can also get more specific, asking Alexa to set the water temperature and measurements at your desired amount, and even store settings that you’ll use often (i.e. “Oatmeal” or “Rice”). To shut it off, another voice command or a wave of your hand will do. These get pretty specific, right down to the tablespoon or teaspoon and the exact degree.

Easy access to a power-boost button is front and center for a faster fill, though you’ll need to physically turn the faucet off and on again in order to get back to regular mode.

Moen 7864EVBL Sleek U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


Buy: Moen 7864EVBL Sleek U Kitchen Faucet at $519.25

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