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The Best Video Conferencing Sets For Professional Remote Meetings

These video and audio sets ensure that you’re seen and heard while conferencing

Meeting Video And Audio SetsMeeting Video And Audio Sets

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Now that working remotely has become the norm, high-quality video conferencing equipment is essential for meetings and conferences. A good meeting video and audio set will allow your co-workers and clients to see and hear you as clearly as possible, reducing the strain caused by communicating over Zoom, Skype and similar platforms. But video and audio preparedness is now also an opportunity to show professionalism, along with attire and video backgrounds.

Unfortunately, most computer webcams and microphones can’t deliver great video and audio streaming, so many professionals are investing in a dedicated meeting video conferencing set. These can be used in a home office or at work while conferencing with a small group, ensuring that everyone is seen and heard clearly.

If you’re looking to upgrade your video conferencing gear for meetings but don’t know where to start, read on. We’ve figured out what goes into the best meeting video and audio sets and rounded up a few of our favorite options on Amazon.

What Are the Best Video and Audio Sets For Meetings?

Camera: There are three main specs to look at in a video conference camera: capture resolution, capture speed (in fps) and field of view. Capture resolution is straightforward, denoting the quality of video that will show up on your caller’s screen. Capture speed, measured in frames-per-second (fps), should be 30fps or higher for smooth video.

A camera with a wide field of view means you’ll be able to conference with more people in the same room. Many of the cameras on our list also include some kind of added technology that adjusts the field of view according to how many people are in front of the camera.

Microphone: The microphone in a good meeting video and audio set should capture each speaker while eliminating background noise. This might come in the form of a sensitive microphone plus adaptive technology that can isolate the speaking subject from other noises.

Speakers: No one wants to ask a soft-spoken client or co-worker to be louder while on a conference call. Good speakers will ensure that you (or your small group) can hear your caller clearly without the need for headphones.

Connectivity: Connecting your new video conference system to a computer or TV should be as easy as possible. Some meeting video and audio sets also feature Bluetooth or WiFi connection for use with a smartphone or tablet.

1. Logitech MeetUp HD Conferencing System

Logitech’s MeetUp system is our favorite set for good reason. The sleek conferencing device packs a high-quality camera (well, three, actually), a great microphone and a crisp speaker all in one easy-to-use gadget. It’s ideal for small conference rooms and huddle spaces but also makes a great choice for well-equipped home offices.

The MeetUp’s tri-camera setup can support multiple HD streaming settings including 4k, 1080p and 720p, which should be enough options for any WiFi bandwidth. It’ll also make sure everyone is visually present thanks to a 120-degree field of view, motorized pan/tilt and 5x zoom. Setup is also easy with a simple USB plug-and-play as well as Bluetooth connectivity and a remote.

video conference camera logitech

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Buy: Logitech MeetUp HD Conferencing System at $832.04

2. Polycom Studio Conferencing System

This meeting video and audio set from Polycom delivers premium features for easy remote communication in huddle rooms, conference rooms or home offices. After installing via plug-and-play USB and sitting down (maybe with your team), the Poly Studio automatically detects faces and frames the shot accordingly.

Whenever someone chimes in, the microphone detects the individual speaking and blocks background noise for crisp audio input. The video conference device can also be controlled over WiFi using any laptop or smartphone in the room.

meeting video set speakers microphone

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Buy: Polycom Studio Conferencing System at $699.99

3. Jabra PanaCast Huddle Room Video Camera

Another high-quality video and audio conference set is this PanaCast from Jabra. It’s standout feature is immediately noticeable in the form of three cameras. These cameras use real-time video stitching to create a 4k stream with 180-degree coverage – enough for any conference or huddle room.

The PanaCast recognizes each participant, as well as lighting conditions, and automatically adjusts to give a clear view of the whole team. It’s also very small (6.14 x 3.62 x 1.89 inches), fitting nicely in crowded home offices and compact huddle rooms.

meeting camera conference equipment

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4. Papalook Webcam

If you’re just looking for a simple, easy step up from your stock computer camera, we recommend this webcam from Papalook. The compact device clips onto your laptop or desktop and provides HD 1080p streaming plus a noise-reducing mic. 30 frames-per-second video ensures a smooth view on your caller’s end while you gesture or do physical presentations, and wide-ranging compatibility should suit any needs. It’s ideal for individual use in home offices, but the lack of a speaker isn’t ideal for small group meetings.

webcam laptop desktop meetings

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Buy: Papalook Webcam at $29.99

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