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Counterfeit N95 Masks Are Saturating the Marketing, Meet the American Company Fighting Against It

By making PPE available to those in need, Clinical Supplies USA is making sure individuals are not only protecting themselves, but also everyone around them

Clinical Supplies

3M N95 masks remain the gold standard of protection throughout the pandemic, yet only one company continues to bring them to market: Clinical Supplies USA. An American owned business that seems determined make sure that N95 masks are within reach of the average citizen. Now, they are hoping the community will help them with their efforts.

While we often think of healthcare workers needing N95’s, it is easy to forget that there are so many others out there that need the ultimate level of protection available in a mask. Left in the lurch, so many vulnerable people were unable to access 3M N95 respirators they desperately needed. Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and other stalwarts of American products are without masks or have months long waiting times.

Clinical Supplies USA, however, runs off of the dedication of it’s fierce team that refuses to allow hinderance of mask access for our most vulnerable. The Better Business Bureau accredited Clinical Supplies USA prioritizes selling high quality American made PPE. In the wake of the nationwide shortage, Clinical Supplies USA has 3M N95 masks, the gold standard of PPE, ready and available. The company reports its “American made 3M N95 respirator masks have a 95% filtration efficiency against all non-oil based airborne particles as well as possess NIOSH approval and clearance for medical use.”

Clinical Supplies

Purchasing these masks, however, comes with more than just elite filtration. As part of it’s never ending commitment to community, country, and American values, Clinical Supplies has committed to donating a mask for every 3M N95 sold. Every time a customer purchases their mask, they are doubling their radius of impact and ensuring that a person in need will receive one too. The masks are given to a California non profit, Donate4Masks,who seek out and support groups & individuals in desperate need of PPE.

The aim is to make PPE available to those most affected by the pandemic, from homeless students to low-income communities, as well as to support other causes, such as reduced lunch programs and those impacted by California wildfires.

This program also comes on top of the already donated over $200,000 worth of PPE, including 28,000 masks to the students in San Diego displaced by closed campuses and education centers.

By shopping with the online retailer, one of the only Better Business Bureau-accredited companies meeting the public’s need for access to reliable and legitimate PPE, Clinical Supplies USA hopes to instill a sense of social impact. It believes that just by buying an American-made mask, a person can feel good knowing they have not only protected themselves, but they had an impact on the welfare of the communities around them and the healthcare system, which is offered supplies at a deep discount to ensure workers have necessary access they need.

Clinical Supplies USA’s philanthropic ideology has differentiated it from the many other PPE retailers. The company defends the livelihoods of the American public by providing indispensable American made 3M N95 masks and more PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical Supplies USA is helping Americans resume normal life.

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