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RS Recommends: Can the Tempo Move Unit Really Transform Your Workouts?

We worked out with the Tempo Move, a compact fitness unit that lets you stream live workouts from an app on your phone. Here’s why it’s worth a spot in your gym



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Only four minutes were left on the clock, but my arms — and the sweat pouring down my face — told me it was time to quit. That’s when “Dynamite” started playing over the speaker and I heard my trainer telling us to “stick with it.” Suddenly I felt a burst of energy and powered through every last chest press — checking off another class and ready to start my day.

Even though I was taking a live workout class, this was all part of a streamable routine with the Tempo Move, a fitness unit that comes with weights and a membership to stream workouts at home. The Move is the latest and most affordable entry from Tempo, which is known for its popular line of freestanding fitness bundle systems.

After working out with the Tempo Move over a few weeks, here’s how it changed our fitness routine for the better, plus everything you need to know before getting one for your own gym.



Buy: Tempo Move at $495

So What Is the Tempo Move?

The Tempo Move, $495, is a side table-sized fitness unit and storage stand for weights that brings personal training right into your own home. With a membership and the Tempo app, the Move connects to both your phone and your TV using an accessory called the Core.

You can dock your phone to stream both live and on-demand workouts from expert coaches and trainers. The Move uses built-in 3D tracking, and it can even suggest when it’s time to up your weights or recheck your form during a rep.

Put simply, the Move is an all-in-one workout machine that makes it possible (and more affordable) to take workout classes at home.

The Tempo Move Setup Is Pretty Simple (Even if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing)

Out of the box, it’s easy to know where all the weight plates, dumbbells, and other accessories for the Tempo Move need to go. It comes with two dumbbells, two pairs of collars, and 12 “smart” plates at varying weight levels. You’ll also get an HDMI cable in your shipment, plus what’s called the Tempo Core that acts as the connection between your phone, the Tempo app, and your smart TV.

Now, you’ll need to make sure you’re signed up for a Tempo fitness membership ($59 monthly). Once you have your account and you’re signed into the app on your iPhone, you can connect your phone to the Core and start a class.

Connecting the Move to my smart TV was easy: I simply connected the Core, a small disc-like accessory, to my TV using an HDMI cord. Once I changed the input on my TV, I could see that the Tempo Move was connected on the screen.

When it comes to setting up new gear you’re not familiar with, tech issues are bound to happen. But Tempo actually made it easy to resolve it. When I first connected the Move to my TV, everything seemed ready to go. But on another day, I docked my smartphone in the Core, and it couldn’t recognize it. I walked myself through a few different tips Tempo suggested on its site, but what actually worked was booking an appointment with Tempo’s tech support team, who helped me fix my issue in minutes.

Now, whether I was ready or not, it was finally time for that workout.



Buy: Tempo Move at $495

It Can Count Your Reps & Track Your Weights

One of the Tempo Move’s high-tech features is that the unit can track which weight plates you’re using — and how many reps you do. So say you’re doing a chest press, you don’t have to wonder how many reps you’ve done. It will display the number you’re at on your TV screen. That said, I at times found the rep counter a bit distracting, since it didn’t always seem to recognize when I’d done a rep. But if you’re someone who likes to track everything during your routine, it’s a nice feature to have that helps motivate you to reach your max reps.

Its Compact Size Fits (Almost) Anywhere

At 22 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches, the Tempo Move’s small size makes it a must-have unit for home gyms, both big and small alike. If your home gym is, say, your bedroom, you just need to make sure that your Move can connect to your TV. Our TV is mounted to the wall, so we encountered a bit of a challenge when trying to make sure the Move’s built-in 3D tracking could check our form during workouts. But ultimately it didn’t get in the way of our workouts, and it was easy to simply keep the Move’s Core accessory resting right under our TV on a dresser.

The size is only one of the design benefits. The Move also doesn’t look like it has anything to do with working out. In fact, it looks like it could double as a nightstand, thanks to its wood-like top, and the detachable front cover that hides the weight plates and accessories. The bottom line: The Tempo Move just might be the most stylish fitness unit we’ve seen.

The Tempo Move’s Live and On-Demand Classes Are Actually Fun (and Challenging)

Working out at home can be kind of boring, especially if you love taking workout classes with a group. That’s one of the benefits of working out with the Move: Tempo’s trainers and classes truly make you feel like you’re there in real life, and the trainers made me feel like I had more energy than I actually did.

Each class features different music, too, so you have your own workout playlist every time you break a sweat. The Tempo Move is built for fitness fans and music lovers alike, thanks to its curated tunes and variety of workout routines.

The Tempo membership features thousands of workouts, and it also lets you search by live classes and even multi-week programs. So if you want to focus on strength routines, you can easily find a class that’s right for your goals.

The Tempo app also makes it easy and fast to search for the type of workout you want to do each day — and one that you have time to complete. You can also apply filters in the app for strength, cardio, or recovery, and activities like lifting, yoga, or meditation. You can even search according to the duration you’re looking for, the fitness level, body area, and even a specific coach you’re a fan of.

With the Move, you can find the best workout for you and have all the gear you need to get it done. And best of all, the motivating guidance from the trainers makes the Move a must-have for my fitness routine.



Buy: Tempo Move at $495

All the Storage Makes It a Game-Changer

Along with its apartment-friendly size, the Tempo Move has the smartest weight storage in the game. No longer do you have to worry about tripping over random weight plates around your room, or bumping into dumbbells on the floor. Each plate has a spot, including two compartments on the back of the Move for dumbbells. And of course, you can hide it all with the cover, which has a magnetic closure that you can roll open and shut.

Along with its connectivity, the Move is truly an all-in-one fitness unit that instantly upgrades the function of any home gym. With its sleek storage and style, expert training, smart group of gear, and affordable price point, the Move is one of the most innovative workout units we’ve used in years.

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