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RS Recommends: This New Bundle Makes Tempo the Best Value for Your Home Gym

Fitness company Tempo’s new line of exercise systems makes choosing the best home gym for you even easier


Tempo Fit

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When it comes to building your own gym at home, there’s a good chance you’re trying to decide between which pieces of equipment you actually need, and how much of it can actually fit in your space. But upgrading your home fitness setup doesn’t mean you have to have endless square footage, or a professional studio setup. Case in point: a versatile, high-tech fitness system that can do it all, like the Tempo Studio.

The Tempo has always been one of the best and easiest-to-use fitness systems for working out at home, thanks to its easel-like display that streams workouts on the fly, and a set of gear that stores away in a locker after you’re done your reps. But now the at-home experience is even more accessible thanks to the new Tempo bundles.

tempo fit review


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The company knows that everyone has their favorite way to exercise, and that everyone’s training looks a little different. While one person might only want a full set of dumbbells and a mat, another might prefer to have access to things like a squat rack for lifting heavier weight. That’s why Tempo now offers new ways to get into the virtual workout game with three new fitness studio bundles for every type of home gym: the Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus and Tempo Pro.

There’s never been a better time to buy a Tempo of your own either. Right now, all three of the Tempo bundles are currently 10% off. There’s no promo code necessary to take advantage of this deal, and the BACKTOSCHOOL discount code will be applied to your purchase at checkout. The new promotion gets you hundreds of dollars off the retail price of each bundle system, though it doesn’t apply to any extra accessories.

Each of Tempo’s units can stand on their own (literally) for a full-body workout — you won’t find any gimmicky gear here that targets only one body part and costs you a sore arm and leg – but you can really forge your own home gym path with any of its three new models.

All three models begin with the Tempo Studio, with its motion-capturing AI system that creates a 3D model of your body to track your reps and monitor your form while you workout with an expert coach on screen (Worth nothing: this system is completely private because it creates an unrecognizable model of your skeleton without capturing unique features or seeing inside your home).

Tempo Starter


Buy: Tempo Starter Bundle at $2,246+

The Tempo Starter bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to set up a gym for the first time. Great for beginners, you’ll get a set of adjustable 7.5-pound dumbbells, a workout mat, and four weight plates each at 1.25 pounds, 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds and 10 pounds, along with collars that help make sure the plates don’t slide off your barbell (which you can purchase separately).

Tempo Plus


Buy: Tempo Plus Bundle at $2,921+

The next step up from the Starter is the Tempo Plus. It includes everything you’d find in the Starter, but also key pieces like the addition of a barbell to use with the plates for heavier presses or deadlifts, a couple of 25-pound steel weight plates, a monitor to track your heart rate during exercise and a roller that you can use to relieve sore and tight muscles after a workout.

Tempo added a weight bench (which can double as a step) to the Plus so you can get even more out of the weights and the included barbell. Upper-body and chest exercises like the bench press and incline press, where you’re sitting with your back flat against the bench and push the dumbbells or barbell away from your chest, are easier to do, and it opens up a ton of new exercises for you to do from the comfort of your own house.



Buy: Tempo Pro Bundle at $3,596+

Finally, for the serious fitness enthusiast who wants a complete gym setup, the Tempo Pro bundle has everything you could ever need to stay in shape under your roof. Like the Starter and Plus models, you’ll get all the standard accessories like dumbbells, collars and a workout mat. But you’ll also have sets of 25-pound and 45-pound steel weight plates that you can add onto the ends of the included barbell, along with a weight bench.

But it’s the included squat rack that makes the Pro a must-have for a professional gym experience. With it, you can securely load up the barbell with the included weight plates to do exercises like back squats, meaning the barbell sits across the top of your back while you lower into a squat position and stand up before placing the barbell back on the rack.

One of our favorite things about the Tempo, aside from being an all-in-one workout station, is that it feels like your trainer’s in the room with you. When you sign up for a Tempo membership (just $39 a month), users can choose among hundreds of Tempo’s live or on-demand workouts and pick anything they want to work on, including cardio boxing and high-intensity full-body routines that will have you sweating puddles by the end of the class.

You can even start your mornings taking a yoga class or stretching class right from your living room, all from the trainer on the built-in HD 42-inch touchscreen. But it goes beyond simply streaming another workout class. With the built-in AI tech, your Tempo can actually keep track of your reps or let you know if, say, you went too low when performing a certain exercise so you can correct it and vice versa, similar to if you were to sign up for a one-on-one session with a personal trainer in real life.

Tempo’s made it seamless to add to whatever accessories you want, so that you can build your Tempo set-up as you get stronger. For example, if you buy the Tempo Starter and you want to add 45-pound plates to the barbell for squats a few months down the line, it’s easy to do so from their online accessory store. Like the best training plans, you can build a solid foundation and take it to the next level whenever you’re ready.

With Tempo’s current promotion, you can order the Tempo Starter, Plus and Pro now starting at $2,246, $2,921 and $3,596, respectively. While the latest Tempo options range in price, your gym subscription for each stays the same at $39 a month. Find out more at Tempo.fit.

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