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RS Recommends: This Full-Body Dryer Uses Infrared Technology to Disinfect Your Skin

Popularized at Korean spas, this full-body dryer uses purified air and infrared tech to help improve skin health while you dry off

Ozwind Body DryerOzwind Body Dryer


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Having a really solid, luxurious set of towels can make your bath feel like a spa getaway without leaving the house. But bath towels can be pretty gnarly breeding grounds for bacteria if you don’t wash them often enough (it’s recommended to throw them in the machine every 2-3 uses, which, if we’re being real, is probably more often than you’re doing now). So how can you make sure that your body is not only dry, but actually clean post-shower?

Ozwind’s Body Dryer is a spin on the luxe shower dryers often found in Korean spas, now available in a convenient, at-home design. The way it works is actually surprisingly simple — and effective: a blast of filtered air wraps around your whole body, leaving you dry and refreshed, no towels necessary. It boasts additional cleaning capabilities than just air-drying alone, by adding antibacterial disinfecting features to help maintain skin health.

Ozwind Body Dryer


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While it may seem like something you’d find in a fancy resort or fitness center rather than in a home bathroom, and the price certainly reflects this, you won’t be disappointed by all the features jam-packed into this single, do-it-all device. Sleek, modern, and with germ-killing properties, Ozwind’s Body Dryer gives you a high-tech clean you never knew you needed. For an easy upgrade to your personal hygiene— here’s what you need to know.

How Does the Ozwind Body Dryer Work?

Instead of manually toweling off, this dryer provides a refreshing blast of temperature-controlled air. The ergonomic “V” nozzle design creates a tornado wind effect that drys off your whole body with a pretty impressive reach, from the soles of your feet, to your upper torso. Shaped similarly to a bathroom scale, just step on the foothold and in seconds, all the excess moisture is wicked away.

Ozwind’s Body Dryer provides fresh air through a unique six-level dustless filter, which includes a pre-filter, urethane filter, an a certified HEPA filter layer that’s found in all the best air purifiers. The high-powered fan is also composed of a dehumidifying, anion generator that produces 1.4 million negative ions, giving you clean air, fast. Negative ions are often praised for their anti-allergen and air-purifying effects (a waterfall gives off negative ions, for example.)

The touch LED display is easy and comfortable to use. You can also adjust the wind speed and temperatures based on your preference, but there are two preset “Natural” and “Warm” air settings, which give you 400W to 1,000W of drying power respectively. Auto mode allows the dryer to run continuously for up to 180 seconds without having to fiddle with a complicated remote, or worry about it not shutting down properly.

Lightweight and portable, the dryer supports up to 330 lbs despite its compact size. Once you have the settings down, you can get the airflow started moments after you step onto the foothold. A quicker way to dry off, you won’t have any more wet towels piling up on your bathroom floor.

Ozwind Body Dryer


Can a Body Dryer Protect Against Covid-19?

Ozwind says you’ll get premium disinfecting power with this dryer’s infrared LED light technology. So it can stand up to bacteria that linger on the soles of your feet, but can it provide any protection against the coronavirus? When it comes to using UV light — including visible infrared light — against the coronavirus, the FDA says UV light can work to destroy the outer protein coating of the virus, which then knocks out the virus’ effectiveness.

But it depends on the dose, type of UV rays, and overall exposure, so it might not be a 100 percent perfect protection method. That being said, studies have shown that infrared light exposure can potentially help with respiratory issues, and the sterilization properties of this dryer’s infrared lights are still sound. Though the light range is fairly limited to your feet, it’s still a big bonus to have if you care about your foot health.

When it comes to built-in design, the 99.9% antibacterial foothold also increases overall freshness, so you can stay germ-free. It’s a must-have if you have sensitive skin, or if you’re looking to prevent conditions like athlete’s foot or eczema from popping up.

Ozwind Body Dryer Infrared


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How Much Is the Ozwind Body Dryer?

The Ozwind Body Dryer currently comes with a $599.90 price tag (as of this writing), but with all the extra features, it’s still highly worth it.

If you’re looking for a body dryer in the under-$500 price range, you might consider the Ozwind Ruby, which includes the same wind power, with just a few less smart features. When comparing the two models, we did prefer the ease-of-use of the regular Ozwind’s LED touchscreen, and liked that it was Bluetooth-enabled and can be paired to the health-related Ozwind app.

Is the Ozwind Body Dryer Worth It?

Ozwind’s Body Dryer, unlike other full-body dryers such as Viatek, allows you dry off fast and check your weight simultaneously. This dryer is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to pair it with the Ozwind app, essentially pulling double-duty as a functioning smart scale. With the auto weight detection sensor, it connects to the app where you can check your history with updated weight, BMI, body fat, and muscle mass.

Since it’s so lightweight, we like that you have the ability to move it around anywhere, not just your bathroom. It’s great for patios and decks too if you have an outdoor pool and want everyone to dry off before they step back in the house.

The fan speeds are strong enough to not just over your entire body, but also help purify the air in smaller spaces, since it’s already packed with a multi-layered filter and anion generator. It’s a decent substitute if you don’t want to get an extra air purifier or dehumidifier for your bathroom (although if you have severe allergy symptoms, we do recommend you look for an air purifier specifically for allergies).

If you’re worried about energy consumption, this body dryer is actually a more eco-friendly way of drying off. Eliminating the need for towel usage means less laundry for you, and an overall decrease in water waste and energy usage.

Ozwind’s Body Dryer is the best possible combination of convenience and luxury, with a sanitizing boost that alone makes it worth adding to your home bathroom. After all, there’s no such thing as being too clean.

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