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Is Tempo Worth the Money? Here Are 5 Big Reasons to Use it in Your Home Gym

From guided workouts to a compact design, why Tempo’s fitness systems are the new home gym must-haves


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Perfecting a squat or a deadlift at home can feel challenging unless you have the right gear — and the right feedback. But fitness companies like Tempo have aimed to put the two together with workout systems designed to give you the complete home gym experience in a single piece of equipment.

But is Tempo’s line of exercise systems — from its sleek bundles to its budget-friendly Move — actually worth investing in right now? Everyone’s idea of a home gym is different, but there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for from Tempo, whether that’s a complete personal trainer-like system with an HD touchscreen, or a compact system with weight storage.

Is Tempo Worth the Money?

From sleek style to real-time feedback during workouts, here are five reasons the home fitness equipment deserves a spot in your home gym.


Courtesy Tempo

Buy: Tempo Studio at $2,495+

1. The Tempo Studio Is a Do-It-All Workout Machine

If you own a weight bench, dumbbells, maybe a barbell, you have the basic essentials you need to do just about any type of workout. But if you’re searching for a truly versatile machine that mixes virtual classes and all your equipment, the Tempo Studio bundles are your best bet. Tempo offers three different Studio bundle systems: the Starter, Plus, and Pro.

The Starter: While all the bundles feature the storage cabinet and a touchscreen to view classes, each unit includes different sets of accessories. With the Starter, you’ll get a workout mat, a pair of 7.5-pound dumbbells, and 75 pounds worth of plates to adjust your dumbbell weight.

The Plus: Want to add a barbell to your kit? Go with the Plus, which also includes a folding bench to more easily do presses and other exercises. This bundle also comes with a roller for post-workout recovery, along with a heart rate monitor.

The Pro: Finally, the Pro is the top-of-the-line pick, with a collection of gear that’s worthy of a gym membership alone. If you’re taking your fitness to the next level, the Tempo Pro is what you want. It includes a folding squat rack, bench, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, and even competition weight plates, just to name a few.

But the bottom line is that even though each Tempo is slightly different, you can still access the Tempo workouts from the built-in touchscreen on the Starter, Plus, and Pro. No more trying to work out on your own or guessing which piece of equipment to use — the Tempo Studio gives you the routine and the equipment to get it done.

Buy: Tempo Studio at $2,495+


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2. The Tempo Move Is Compact (But It Still Gives You a Complete Home Gym)

With the growing number of fitness mirrors and machines with built-in touchscreens, at-home fitness is getting more high-tech. But even though these systems make working out in your house easier, not everyone has the space to accommodate them. Instead of sacrificing the smart features and storage of Tempo’s bundles, the company found a way to incorporate them into a unit with a smaller, more compact frame that still lets you stream workouts from your phone to your TV screen.

The $395 Tempo Move is a sleek workout system that can store weight plates and dumbbells. Once you set your phone on its Core dock and connect the Move to your smart TV, Tempo can help offer feedback during your workouts using 3D tracking, like whether to switch weights or adjust your form — all visible right from your big screen. The included weights are also smart and trackable thanks to Tempo Vision, so the platform knows your number of reps, and how heavy you’re lifting from set to set.

The Move doesn’t waste any space, and the best part is that it can fit next to your TV without anyone realizing they’re sitting in your home gym.

Buy: Tempo Move at $395

3. You Can Store Almost All of Your Gear in One Place

Loading up your living space with all the best new exercise equipment sounds like a dream at first, but it’s easy to turn your house into a cluttered mess fast — making it tough to have enough room to do a burpee or even a warmup.

Tempo’s bundles and Move system tackle that issue with plenty of storage and built-in organization. The bundle systems include a lower storage cabinet for weight plates, so you can easily slide the weights onto the hooks and keep everything contained.

The Move, on the other hand, lets you stack your weights vertically and neatly away like you would your vinyl records. The dumbbells slide in and out of the back of the system. When you’re done with your workout, you can simply close the doors on the Studio and snap the cover shut on the Move.


Courtesy Tempo

4. You Get Real-Time Feedback From Tempo Coaches

Nothing really compares to one-on-one workouts with a trainer. No matter if you’re taking a live or on-demand class, the Tempo units can coach you through your routines using Tempo Vision and 3D sensor tracking. That means that whether you’re doing overhead chest presses or barbell lunges, Tempo’s system can help recommend how to correct your posture and form while you’re working out. Tempo’s feedback is a smart home fitness innovation — a much-needed feature missing from other machines on the market.

5. You Never Have to Leave the House

Maybe the biggest reason to get the Tempo Studio or Move? You can get your workouts done right in your own living room (along with a trainer), and don’t have to even pack a gym bag.

Tempo took a 360-degree approach to its bundle systems and Move unit, creating gear that can easily blend into the rest of your home setup without being distracting. But its built-in workout platform — whether you’re using the Studio’s touchscreen or your own TV with the Move — gives you the kind of in-real-life fitness routines that were missing for so long from DIY home gyms.

That combination of a small footprint, storage, trainer feedback, and convenience make any Tempo worth a coveted spot in any of your spaces.

Buy: Tempo Studio at $2,495+

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