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How to Hang Your Plants Anywhere With These Affordable Accessories

Elevate your plants with these simple, low-effort hanging solutions that are easy on your wallet

How to Hang Plants - Best Indoor Plant HangersHow to Hang Plants - Best Indoor Plant Hangers

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Indoor plants are a popular and easy way to brighten up your space while improving air quality at the same time. However it’s easy to quickly run out of surface area to put them, and hanging plants can often prove a little trickier than it seems — especially if you live in a rented space and don’t have the option of drilling holes in your walls and ceiling. Fortunately there are a few pieces of gear you can get to make it easier. Here’s our guide to hanging indoor plants, whether you’re able to use a drill or if you need to get more creative.

How to Hang Your Plants in Any Space

Hooks: If you do have the ability, choose easy-to-use hooks that screw into the wall or ceiling, first making sure that the surface is strong enough to keep the hook in place once you’ve hung your plant on it without crumbling.

Tension Rods: If you can’t (or don’t want to) break out the power tools, simple tension rods can be an easy and efficient solution. These can be installed in any window or door frame, or any area of the home with two walls relatively close together. Before you attempt to hang anything on a tension rod make sure to check the rod’s weight limit. Most high-quality tension rods can hold up to 30 pounds. If you have more than 30 pounds of plants to hang, you can get creative with multiple rods stacked behind or atop one another.

Garment Racks: One creative way to hang plants in your home is to make use of a tall garment or clothes rack — ideally one that is attractive and without wheels. Especially for trailing, ivy-like plants, this creates a beautiful green accent wall that still lets in natural light.

Indoor Trellis: You can also buy an indoor trellis for your plants, or even a rustic-style ladder that leans agains the wall. This can be used to grow climbing plants or as a surface from which to hang lightweight pots.

1. WaterLuu 20 Pack 2.9 Inches Ceiling Hooks

We like this 20-pack of screw-in ceiling hooks, which are small, subtle and should be strong enough for all-purpose indoor use. With a weight limit of 50 pounds, they should be able to handle even that overgrown plant of yours, while their small, convenient size allows you to make use of pretty much any spot in the room (provided there’s enough natural light).


Buy: WaterLuu 20 Pack 2.9 Inches Ceiling… at $9.99

2. BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod

If you’re thinking of using a tension rod to hang your plants, make sure you’re looking for heavy-duty, strong rods like this one, which can carry a max load of 30 pounds. We also like that it comes in a variety of colors and styles so that you can better match with whatever your decor happens to be.


Buy: BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod at $25.99

3. SimpleHouseware Industrial Pipe Clothing Garment Rack

Using a garment rack as a plant-hanger is a little out of the box, but that’s half the reason we like this idea. We chose this one in particular because it is tall, at a little over five feet, and doesn’t have wheels, so it can act as a more permanent decorative fixture. We also like the industrial style of the brushed bronze.


Buy: SimpleHouseware Industrial Pipe… at $44.97

4. Wooden Hanging Planter

A trellis is a classic when it comes to hanging plants, but they’re still more commonly used outdoors in a garden or on the porch. But we think they look great indoors as well, and are especially ideal if you have several plants to hang, or if you have a climbing plant.


Buy: Wooden Hanging Planter at $36.99

5. Hanging Planter Basket

If you’re just looking for hanging planters for your potted plant in a small space, studio or apartment, we like this option which can fit up to a seven-inch pot. Once you add your plant and you’ve installed your wall or ceiling hooks or even a nail, simply hang it up for an immediate boost of natural style.

Hanging Planter Basket


Buy: Hanging Planter Basket at $13.99

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