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From Sleeping Hacks to Basketball, 10 Things You Can Learn Online Right Now

Learn how to start your own company, get better sleep, and read tarot cards

Stephen CurryStephen Curry


E-learning has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s now possible to learn just about anything online. And while there are a number of free resources out there, nothing beats taking an actual course.

We’ve rounded up 10 online courses that can teach you important skills to improve your career, stay healthy, improve your finances, and have fun. Each course is taught by a trained professor or professional in their field, and is structured to guide you through big concepts in manageable chunks.

All of the courses below are taught via prerecorded video, so you can learn at your own pace, on any device. You can re-watch lectures as many times as you’d like with no penalties. If self-improvement is your big New Year’s resolution for 2021, the classes below can help you reach your goals.

1. Getting An MBA

An Entire MBA In One Course


Udemy’s MBA course will teach you everything you need to successfully start your own business. The eight hour class begins by analyzing successful entrepreneurs, then helping you replicate their success. This includes learning how to pitch your idea to potential investors, creating financial models, raising money, networking, and understanding necessary tax laws.

While the course is designed to help you achieve success, it even covers how to restructure your company and bankruptcy protection. If you don’t want to start your own company, taking this course will make you a more desirable candidate when applying to other jobs.

An Entire MBA In One Course, $13.99, available at Udemy

2. Time Management

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Learning how to use your time effectively and achieve maximum productivity can help you excel and advance in any field. This 10 hour class from Coursera will teach you how to plan effectively, use effective time management tools, delegate tasks to teammates, and learn to say no. Learning these skills will make you a better worker and team member. This course is a one part of a 10-class specialization that includes classes on project management, finance, business writing, problem solving, and entrepreneurship.

Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity, Sign Up At Coursera

3. Speed Reading

Become a SuperLearner


Speed reading can help you be a more effective worker and hit your book goal for 2020. The class is just over five hours long, and teaches you how to understand your memory, how to create long term memories, pre-reading, and reading without having to think about each word. By the end of the class you should be able to read about three times faster than the average college student with an 80% level of comprehension.

Become a SuperLearner® 2, $14.99, available at Udemy

4. Poker

MasterClass Poker Course


Whether you’re interested in learning about statistics, or want an edge over your friends at your next game night, MasterClass’s Poker course is for you. The roughly eight-hour class is taught by Daniel Negreau, a six-time World Championship Of Poker winner.

You’ll learn the basics of game theory, how and when to bluff, tournament strategy, and how to avoid common mistakes at multiple points within a round of poker. While you can take this course purely for fun, it’s possible to apply what you’ve learned to your work, too.

MasterClass Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker Course, Sign Up At MasterClass

5. Sleep

Restoring Deep Sleep to Enhance your Health


The lack of sleep can lead to irritability and loss of productivity, but this Udemy course can help you maximize your resting time. It takes just an hour and a half to complete and covers the reasons why sleep is so important, how to get deep sleep, and how to manage your intake of stimulants like coffee.

You’ll even learn the best positions to sleep in, and how to set up your room to make it more conducive to falling asleep. Sleep is an often overlooked aspect of our overall health, and getting the right amount on a consistent basis can have a big, positive impact on your personal and professional life.

Restoring Deep Sleep to Enhance your Health, $11.99, available at Udemy

6. Musicianship

best online music courses coursera

karrastock - stock.adobe.com

Coursera’s DIY Musician Specialization is a series of beginner-level courses focused on songwriting, music recording, and marketing. It contains four individual courses: Songwriting: The Lyrics, The Art of Music Productions, Pro Tools Basics, and Building Your Career in Music: Developing A Brand and Funding Your Music.

These courses will teach you how to write more compelling songs, use Pro Tools to record them, and eventually run a crowdfunding campaign to make income off of your work. This Specialization is available through The Berklee School of Music.

Although it’s meant for beginners, Coursera recommends you have some prior music and songwriting experience under your belt before taking on this Specialization. You’ll earn a certificate when you complete these courses, which will take roughly five months if you participate for three hours per week.

Coursera’s “The DIY Musician” Specialization, Sign Up At Coursera

7.  Basketball

Stephen Curry


If you want some pointers from a pro, sign up for MasterClass’ Basketball course taught by two-time MVP Stephen Curry. In this nearly four-hour course you’ll learn how to position your body, the correct form when throwing, and how to handle different challenging scenarios. It even covers pregame preparation, so you can get into the right mindset before you hit the court.

Stephen Curry Teaches Basketball, Sign Up At MasterClass

8. Tarot Card Reading

 Tarot Card Success


None of us can accurately predict the future, but Udemy’s Tarot Card Success course can get you closer. This 10 hour course teaches you about the entire deck, and how to read every card. It also covers topics like ethics, improving your readings over time, and how to deal with blockages. This course can be used to start a side hustle, or do readings for friends and family members who want some guidance.

Tarot Card Success, $12.99, available at Udemy

9. Budgeting

How To Save Money by Eliminating Spending Leaks


Having a personal balanced budget can help you build up a strong savings account for bigger purchases and unexpected expenses. The course takes less than an hour to complete, and leads you through a review of common expenses, from your bills to grocery costs to credit card use. By establishing a firm budget, you’ll be able to use your money more wisely while continually expanding your savings.

How To Save Money by Eliminating Spending Leaks, $9.99, available at Udemy

10. Cooking

Alice Waters Teaches The Art Of Home Cooking


This practical life skill has taken on an additional level of importance recently, and MasterClass’ Art of Home Cooking course will make you a better, more confident chef.

It’s taught by Alice Waters, the founder and head chef at the world renowned Chez Panisse, and James Beard award recipient. This four hour class will teach you how to shop at a farmer’s market, organize and stock your pantry, and the best way to use your ingredients. You’ll learn step-by-step recipes that use your pantry items and fresh produce to make delicious, healthy meals.

Alice Waters Teaches The Art Of Home Cooking, Sign Up At MasterClass

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