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These Color-Changing Light Bulbs Give Your Home Whatever Vibe You Need Right Now

These remote-controlled lights can help to boost your music, movies or your mood

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If you, like most of the world at this weird moment in history, are struggling with productivity or mental health, might we suggest a color-changing light bulb?

No, seriously. Light quality can actually have a huge impact on mood and productivity, as multiple scientific studies have shown. You probably already know that getting enough natural light can make you feel happier, but the color of light also impacts how your brain is operating. That’s where a good color-changing light bulb could come into play.

As their name suggests, these LED light bulbs deliver bright, consistent lighting in an array of different colors. The best color-changing light bulbs are installed just like regular light bulbs, only instead of displaying a single white hue, they can be set to different shades and colors. And while you can turn the light bulbs on and off through a regular switch or dimmer, we’ve found lights that you can control via a remote control too.

The best colored light bulbs help cultivate a specific atmosphere, which we really like (especially now, when we cannot leave home). Use them to set the mood, or to match the movie you’re watching or the music coming through your home audio system. A dinner party also feels more elegant when you can adjust the color of your lighting.

The best color-changing light bulbs let you adjust mood lighting on a whim. They can also be used to boost your moods too. Exposure to blue light during the day, for example, can make you feel more energetic. Green light is thought to be calming and might help with concentration, while yellow evokes a happy feeling. Red light in the evening might help you sleep.

But even if none of this has enough actual effect on the brain, color changing light bulbs are still an interesting way to control your own environment. Even if a green light bulb doesn’t have you suddenly reenacting A Beautiful Mind, it’s still not a bad way to give your mind a subtle cue that you’re supposed to be working. A blue colored light bulb can still help you feel more alert during the day.

If this is enough to convince you, here are our picks for the best color-changing LED light bulbs. They may or may not change how your mind is working at a particular time, but they will certainly make your space a little more attractive and hopefully productive too.

1. KOBRA LED Color-Changing Light Bulb

Our number one choice is this LED light bulb that covers all the bases. It comes in a pack of four, with 16 color variations that you can adjust for brightness. There are also flash and strobe options for nights when you’re trying to get a little crazy.

Don’t worry about any quirky installation requirements or anything; these screw in the way a regular light bulb screws in, and it’s not going to change your utility bill. It has timer and dimmer settings, and comes with an included remote control. Keep in mind, the remote affects whatever bulb is in range, meaning if you have two in the lamps in your bedroom it will adjust both at once. If you’re going for a dual-light effect you might need to get creative, but we don’t see that as a major drawback.

We don’t recommend these bulbs to replace all of your usual light bulbs, however, as the white light setting is not as bright as a standard bulb. But all in all, a solid mood-setter.

color changing light black light

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Buy: KOBRA LED Color-Changing Light Bulb at $9.99

2. RGB LED Color-Changing Light Bulb

These light bulbs have many of the same convenient features as our first choice above, but with 12 color options instead of 16. It doesn’t have a strobe option, but come in packs of eight.

We really like the handy timer and cycle functions, which turn on and off automatically according to whatever schedule you’ve set them to. We find this useful to supplement an alarm in the morning or to set a relaxed atmosphere around bedtime.

They come with a wall switch as well as a remote control, which is more convenient than you might think if you, like everyone in the world, has occasionally lost a remote.

rgb led color light bulb mood light

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Buy: RGB LED Color-Changing Light Bulb at $30.99

3. LE Color-Changing Light Bulb with Remote

The real downside to this LE light is that the bulbs are packaged individually, so you’ll need to buy several if you’re serious about creating an elaborate lighting design for your entire home. That said, we really love all of the features this light bulb includes (and the fact that it’s energy saving).

It has 16 color options and eight brightness grades so you can adjust to your precise atmospheric needs. It will also remember these precise specifications so there is no need to readjust every time you turn it on.

Install wherever you want to set a particular mood, whether that’s a barbecue on the deck, cozy home theater, or even on stage. People have described them as “bright enough,” so just don’t expect literal fireworks.

color changing lightbulb remote

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Buy: LE Color-Changing Light Bulb with Remote at $11.99

4. RGB LED Light Bulb Color-Changing

This pick comes from the same brand as our second choice option, so they include a lot of the same features, including 12 color varieties and six brightness settings, with options for smooth or flash light depending on the mood. There’s a lot to like if you’re setting a more eco-friendly home too. One LED bulb lasts longer and uses less energy than a regular bulb.

This one comes in a pack of four rather than eight, and includes all the timing and cycle functions we need in a colored light. Most people find the brightness level a bit too dim to use as a regular light, but the varieties in color and mode are easy to adjust.

lightbulb color changing

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Buy: RGB LED Light Bulb Color-Changing at $17.99

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