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Cara Delevingne Launches Prosecco Brand With Sisters, Talks Perfect Soundtrack to Drink To

First released in the UK last year, Della Vite Prosecco teams Delevingne up with her sisters Chloe and Poppy for a crisp, light, sustainably-produced wine

della vite prosecco

Della Vite

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Cara Delevingne made a splash at the Met Gala with her “Peg the Patriarchy” number, but the singer and actress is making a different kind of splash this week with the U.S. launch of Della Vite Prosecco. First released in the UK last year, Della Vite (meaning “of the vine” in Italian) teams Delevingne up with her sisters Chloe and Poppy for a crisp, light, sustainably-produced prosecco.

Two expressions are being introduced: the Superiore DOCG and the Treviso DOC. Both bottles are available for purchase now on, which will deliver the sparking wines directly to your door.

Delevingne Sisters Present Della Vite Prosecco

Della Vite Prosecco

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The Delevingne sisters have all worked across fashion, music and entertainment but this is the first time they’ve created something together. The three say those chose to launch a prosecco brand, as the sparkling wine has always been an integral part of their family gatherings and milestone events.

“On the day Chloe was born, her godfather brought some to the hospital room to share with our parents, so you could say it’s been there since the very beginning,” Poppy tells Rolling Stone, about why a bottle of prosecco holds such a special place in the family’s heart.

“There were moments as teenagers where we used to sneak a sip at weddings or parties, but really prosecco has been part of a lot of our memories together as sisters in our 20s,” adds Cara. “For weddings, parties, even break ups, it’s been there for the highs, the lows and all the in-between.”

Delevingne Sisters Present Della Vite Prosecco

Della Vite Prosecco

The sisters love for Italy was also a motivating factor to launching a prosecco. “We always say we must have been Italian in a past life,” Chloe says. “We love the food, the culture, the history, and it’s one of our favorite places in the world. We wanted to share more of the story of the wine and the region.”

The three also wanted to introduce a classic prosecco that pays homage to the traditional wine-making process in Italy, while educating wine drinkers about the versatility of the liquid. “We had tasted some great proseccos in Italy, but didn’t feel like the quality of prosecco outside of the country (especially in the UK) was the same,” Poppy says. “Prosecco was written off a bit; people thought of it as a poor man’s Champagne. [But] we prefer it! Prosecco is a bit lighter, and a bit more relaxed than Champagne and we love that element about it.”

As for their preferred drinking style, the sisters joke that they’ve “always liked different variations of the same thing – even with our prosecco:” Cara takes it in a big glass with a cube of ice, piscine-style; Poppy likes to mix it in cocktails, like an Aperol Spritz, or “using baked peach to make a Bellini;” and Chloe says she likes to serve it straight up, chilled in a coupé glass.

While there are no shortage of celebrity wine and alcohol brands these days, the sisters say it was a no-brainer to launch with prosecco, first and foremost, “because it’s what we drink.” The serial entrepreneurs (both Chloe and Poppy are successful businesswomen in the UK, and Cara was named creative director of a sex tech company last year) also felt like the spirits market was oversaturated, while prosecco was still relatively novel in North America.

“We felt like with other types of drinks, say for instance Champagne or gin or tequila, lots of brand names spring to mind, but when it comes to prosecco, there isn’t really the same thing,” Cara says.

And perhaps there’s one other reason to launch a prosecco brand: “As we’ve gotten a little older, one of our biggest learnings is that it is better to drink more responsibly,” Cara explains. “By that we mean [it is] better to drink less, as hangovers definitely get worse as you get older, but also to drink better quality alcohol. We’re proud to have produced a wine that is really focused on quality – in terms of the wine making process and the grapes we use.”

That’s not to say you still can’t have fun with Della Vite. The Delevingne sisters say they’ve already got the perfect soundtrack to accompany a night of drinking: “The list would be endless,” Cara says, “but we would put on anything by The Killers, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Spice Girls, Fleetwood Mac or Cardi B — anything that makes you want to dance your socks off.”


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