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RS Recommends: These Yoga Socks Help You Find Balance (Literally) in Your Practice

Get better grip and stability in your poses with this essential piece of yoga gear

best yoga socksbest yoga socks


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Practicing yoga is an excellent way to improve your balance. Since most of us don’t arrive at our mats already able to hold complex balancing poses like dancer or tree, we experience a lot of wobbling and slipping as we grow in our practice. If you want to feel more stable as you learn yoga, having the right equipment can give you that extra support you need. One such (often overlooked) item is a pair of yoga socks.

Do You Need Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks are non-slip socks that have grips on their soles. These small but mighty features are what help you be able to find greater stability in your poses. The grips create traction with your yoga mat, so your feet won’t slip out of place when you’re holding a pose.

Since yoga socks are for exercise, they’re made with lightweight, breathable fabrics. Some of the best yoga socks are toeless too, giving your feet more room to breathe while also letting you better utilize the natural gripping power of your toes.

Yoga Socks Buying Guide

There are a couple things to keep in mind when shopping for the best yoga socks online. First, you’ll have to decide if toe-less socks or traditional socks are the best styles for your needs. Toe-less socks give you the advantage of more grip control (and breathability as your digits are constrained), but some people prefer traditional socks for hygienic reasons. If you’re using borrowed yoga mats from a studio, or have other concerns about bacteria exposure, then you might find greater peace of mind working with yoga socks that cover your whole foot.

You’ll also want to take note of the sock material. While wool socks are great for staying warm and cozy, yoga socks function more for performance rather than warmth. The goal here is to give your feet a good grip and room to breathe — not insulate you, which will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Look for lightweight, breathable materials when shopping for yoga socks.

What Are the Best Yoga Socks?

No matter your style preferences, we’ve rounded up some of the best yoga socks that you can buy only, to help you find more balance — literally — in your practice.

1. Gaiam Yoga Socks

The Gaiam brand is a one-stop shop for all things yoga. It’s no surprise, then, that the same people who make some of the best yoga mats and blocks also make some of the best yoga socks.

The open-toe design of these yoga socks gives you greater tactile awareness, while the grippy soles help prevent slips. Together, these features help you find more balance and stability while you’re holding poses. They’re also a great choice for hot yoga, as they keep your feet dry from sweat.

best yoga socks


Buy: Gaiam Yoga Socks at $17.99

2. Tucketts Toeless Grip Socks

If breathability is high up on your priority list, then these Mary Jane-style toeless socks are for you. Not only are your toes liberated, but the front of your foot is largely unconstrained, too. These socks are the closest you can get to being barefoot while still enjoying the benefits of wearing grippy socks during your yoga practice. You can also wear these socks to your Pilates, barre, or dance classes.

best yoga socks


Buy: Tucketts Toeless Grip Socks at $17.97

3. Ozaiic Yoga Socks

Great yoga socks come in the toe-covered variety, too. If toe-less socks aren’t your thing, try these yoga socks. They keep your feet protected from bacteria and fungi, which comes in handy if you’re using a borrowed yoga mat from your gym or studio. The ballet-inspired design makes sure that your feet still experience some breathability. We also love these yoga socks because, in addition to their sole grips, they also have added padding. This makes holing your poses much more comfortable.

best yoga socks


Buy: Ozaiic Yoga Socks at $14.99

4. DIBAOLONG Grip Socks

Depending on how often you practice yoga, one pair of yoga socks isn’t going to be able to sustain you until laundry day. These no-slip grippy socks come in packs of six and don’t cost too much more than some solo pairs of socks. It’s a must-buy for any committed yogi. These socks look like traditional athletic socks and are an excellent choice for yogis who need full-foot coverage. Plus, you can use them at the gym, too.

best yoga socks


Buy: DIBAOLONG Grip Socks at $17.99

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