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RS Recommends: The Best Yoga Gear to Add to Your Practice

From reliable mats and sturdy yoga blocks to moisture-wicking towels, here’s what you need to set up a yoga practice at home

Best Yoga GearBest Yoga Gear

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It’s easier now more than ever to find a livestream yoga class online, roll out a mat, and just get down into downward dog at home. But without the proper tools or gear, you might find it a bit more difficult to duplicate the hardcore stretch (and sweat) you used to get at your local gym or yoga studio.

Whether you’re a just starting to cultivating a yoga practice at home, or you’re an experienced yogi, being equipped with the best yoga gear makes it a whole lot easier to facilitate difficult poses, or even support the more basic moves. From reliable mats, to sturdy yoga blocks, and moisture-wicking fitness clothing, here are the top yoga accessories to help you ace even the most pretzel-twisting poses at home.

Yoga Gear Buying Guide

The best yoga gear is versatile and effective, and can be used for regular workouts too, from at-home Pilates to HIIT training. Not all yoga practices are created equal, though, and incorporating different tools like yoga blocks or straps offer more options for your practice.

For example, if you’re trying to simulate the feel of hot yoga, you’ll want a mat that grips the more you sweat, and perhaps even a specific towel to place over it. If you’re trying for more complicated moves (like the complex scorpion) you’ll want workout clothes that can stretch and breathe as you move.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re dedicated to eventually getting back into a yoga studio, you’ll eventually need a gym bag or yoga straps to carry your new gear.

What Are the Best Yoga Accessories?

The best yoga accessories are ultimately aimed to help you ease into your routine, offering a way to hone in on your form, or relieve stress as you focus more on your breathing than whether you’ll slip on the mat. Here are some of the best yoga mats, workout clothes and yoga gear you should consider.

1. lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm

Lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat


Feel like you need extra comfort while performing at-home workouts? You’ll want to invest in this thicker, textured mat from lululemon, which makes transitioning poses as easy as can be.

This mat is thick enough to cushion your body and protect your joints from a hard floor, but I’ve noticed it’s also great for meditating lying down or sitting, even if it was specifically-crafted for yoga. The top layer has a 3D-texture so you can feel secure while transitioning through poses. The natural rubber base has an antimicrobial additive so it stays fresh for longer.

While you might want to get a meditation cushion if you want more lower back support for mindfulness work, this yoga mat will help you find balance, from Vinyasa flow to hot yoga.

Buy: Lululemon Take Form 5 MM Yoga Mat at $128

2. Yeti Rambler Vacuum 36 oz Bottle

YETI Rambler Vacuum Bottle


One of the most underrated portions of a yoga session—or any workout, for that matter—is staying super hydrated. You’ll be motivated to drink more water if it’s still ice cold by the middle of your session, and YETI delivers on keeping your drinks at a refreshing temperature, longer.

This Rambler Vacuum bottle has incredibly strong, clear “Chug Cap,” so you can simply flip it open and top-off with water without fumbling too much and stopping your flow. It’s 100% leak-proof, so you can go ahead and toss the whole bottle-and-cap combo in your gym bag, yoga bag, or wherever you do your sun salutation.

The insulated stainless steel means all 36 oz of your drink will stay cold (or hot), making it one of our favorite durable bottles for yoga or working out.

Buy: Yeti Rambler Vacuum 36 oz Bottle at $50.00

3. Hylete Luna Tight

HYLETE Luna Tights


Whether you’re getting back out to an in-person yoga studio, or just want to practice your moves at the park, you’re going to need some high-quality gear that’s made for sweat. HYLETE’s Luna Tights have a sleek design, but with enough thoughtful features to keep you active on the go.

The tights have a seamless, circular knit fabric that adapts easily to the contours of your body, whether you’re stretched out on the floor, or posing with a yoga block. Worried about the fit? There’s some light compression to the fabric, so the tights will stay secure and move with you no matter how much you sweat.

There’s also a high waist that adds to overall coverage during even your most flexible of moments. The best part? After your sweat-sesh, these tights can go straight into the washing machine.

Buy: Hylete Luna Tight at $88

4. Manduka Yoga Towel

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel


The Manduka Yogitoes towel is our go-to for keeping you dry and grounded during even the most heated yoga sessions. The small, silicone nubs on the underside grip your mat when laid on top and keep you in place.

Ideal for hot yoga or any super sweaty practice, the towel is ultra absorbent, quick drying, sweat-wicking to prevent slippage when the moves get more difficult. It folds up small, and is lightweight enough to take anywhere: the beach or gym. The grip holds so well, in fact, that you can use it as a great yoga mat alternative for travel.

Made of recycled plastic bottles, the woven texture is soft to the touch, and is machine-washable. Another bonus: there are enough colors and designs to add some pop to any yoga practice.

Buy: Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel at

5. Toesox Half Toe Grip Non-Slip Socks

Toesox Women's Bellarina Half Toe Grip Non-Slip


These yoga socks from ToeSox will keep you anchored to the ground, providing superior grip thanks to a patented non-slip sole. No more bunching and twisting socks during your yoga session, since their fitted heel design sits right below the ankle.

The super soft, organic cotton material and open-toe design will keep your feet comfortable during even the longest-held poses. You’ll be able to spread your toes more naturally, grip the mat, all with a more hygienic alternative to sweaty, bare feet.

Buy: Toesox Half Toe Grip Non-Slip Socks at $39.00

6. Manduka unBLOK Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Manduka unBlok Recycled Yoga Block


When you want to take your yoga poses a step further, incorporating a yoga block into your practice can provide that stability you need while you deepen your stretches. The Manduka unBLOK offers a comfortable, contoured design that’s less rigid, and will help ease off pressure from your hands when you’re holding more balanced-based poses.

The soft texture is slip-resistant and easy to grip, allowing support for the toughest poses. Form and functionality collide here, since the block is made of recycled, high-density EVA foam that’s durable, but still relatively sleek-looking. Its also pretty lightweight for its 9 x 6 x 4 inch-size, so you can simply store away this yoga block, or take it with you when you want to practice on the go.

Buy: Manduka unBLOK Recycled Foam Yoga Block at $25.00

7. lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Metal Vent Tech Shirt 2.0 Lululemon


Of course, you can always wear your favorite plain t-shirt when you’re doing yoga. But lululemon’s Metal Vent Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0 is a great option to add to your arsenal when you want something that’s more breathable and moisture-wicking, especially if you know you’re going to be sweating a lot.

This versatile shirt has a seamless construction with more stretchability, so you it works just as well for yoga as it does for running and more intense training. Designed with Silverescent technology, the tank actually inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric, so it’ll help to both wick sweat away and prevent smells from setting in.

Though it has a more streamlined fit, it won’t chafe, and allows for the fullest range of motion we’ve seen from flexible yoga wear.

Buy: Lululemon Metal Vent Tech 2.0… at $78

8. Dr. Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System

Dr. Infrared Heater Dual Heating System



If you’re obsessed with hot yoga, there are ways to imitate that sweltering feel within your own home. We recommended infrared heaters, which get used in a lot of hot yoga studios—they emit heat waves that your body can absorb (like the rays of the sun), unlike portable space heaters that blow hot air around. While there are pricier options, the Dr. Infrared Heater Dual Heating System is a great choice if you’re looking for a gadget that can pull double-duty.

Not only is this infrared heater under-$200, but it has a built-in humidifier, which can actually make the room feel hotter than the temperature reading on the thermostat (it also works wonders for dry air in the winter). The fan’s oscillation function distributes heat fast and evenly, and reviews say it works well for heating small spaces.

It can be operated as a fan with or without humidifier, ideal for the summer, and comes with a 12-hour programmable timer. This multifunctional infrared heater is a great way to get your sweat on and heat your home, too.

Buy: Dr. Infrared Advanced Dual Heating… at $147.33

9. Gaiam Yoga Strap

Gaiam Yoga Strap


If you’re looking to achieve more challenging positions and sustain poses for longer periods of time, look no further than this reliable yoga strap from Gaiam.

Expand your range with these straps, made from a durable 100% cotton fabric that won’t fray or break while you’re in the middle of a pose. The easy-release cinch buckle holds the strap securely in place, and allow for a firm grasp. The straps are sturdy enough to give you support as you flex beyond your regular limits, but still come in three different lengths (6, 8, and 10-feet), so you can chose the size that’s best for your level of flexibility.

Buy: Gaiam Yoga Strap at $11.88

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