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The Best Wind Chimes for Your Back Porch or Garden

Metal, wooden, and glass wind chimes are all common, and the best one for you will depend on the quality of sound you want

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I love the sound of gently tinkling wind chimes in the breeze, primarily because it reminds me of being eight and eating popsicles on my grandma’s back porch in the summer which fills me with a comforting responsibility-free sense of well-being.

If you are also soothed by the tone of wind chimes outside your front door (or maybe you’re just looking for a thoughtful gift for your own grandma), we have recommendations for wooden, glass, and metal chimes. Each produce a slightly different tone, though all are mellow and pleasant.

What Are the Different Types of Wind Chimes?

The tone a wind chime makes depends on the material it is made of. Bamboo or metal tubing or shoots are common, as are glass or crystal tiles. In addition to the sound, differences in material and design change the look or aesthetic of the wind chimes.

Metal: Wind chimes made of metals like copper or steel are popular, as they are durable and capable of producing a variety of pleasant tones. Bonus: metal wind chimes placed in the north, northwest, or west areas of your home offer protection and strength according to feng shui.

Wood: Bamboo is a common material for wooden wind chimes, which produce a deeper and more mellow tone than metal, for an overall earthier vibe. We like bamboo in particular because it is usually the most eco-friendly.

Glass or Porcelain: These chimes can often sound brighter and sharper than metal or wood, and offer more variety in terms of decoration.

1. ASTARIN Outdoor Deep Tone Wind Chimes

The lifetree design on this set of metal wind chimes is supposed to symbolize hope, peace, and memory. Many find these chimes to be a lovely tribute to a lost loved one, either as a gift or in your own garden.

According to the manufacturer, the chime’s five metal tubes are professionally hand-tuned, and people agree they produce a rich, full tone. The chimes also come with a gift enclosure and cleaning set, which indicates the thoughtfulness that went into this item’s design, craftsmanship, and presentation.

outdoor deep tone wind chimes


Buy: ASTARIN Outdoor Deep Tone Wind Chimes at $53.69

2. ZOUTOG Handmade Wooden Wind Chimes

This relatively simple set of chimes do not stand out in terms of creative or fanciful design, but people love them for the soft, clear chime as opposed to the harsh or tinny pinging noise other metal chimes can sometimes make.

People also note that the wood is smooth and well-crafted, while the object itself is just the right size for easy hanging, thanks to the included “S” hanging hook.

handmade wooden wind chimes


3. Rainbow Wind Chimes

This colorful wind chime, constructed of brightly-hued tiles about two inches in diameter, looks much more delicate than it is. People tend to be drawn to this set more for its bright, whimsical appearance than the sound of its chimes, which, while quieter than wood or metal, still produce a pleasant tinkling sound in the wind.

rainbow wind chimes


Buy: Rainbow Wind Chimes at $15.99

4. Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime

If you prefer the earthy tone of wooden chimes, we recommend this beautiful bamboo set, which the manufacturer notes was hand-crafted and tuned in Bali.

The deep yet airy sound of these chimes is much softer than metal (so they are less likely to annoy your neighbors), while the rich mellow tone is the perfect soothing accompaniment to any Zen garden.

large bamboo wind chime


Buy: Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime at $39.54

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