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The Best WiFi Baby Monitors Include Features You Haven’t Even Thought of Yet

Packed with smart features, these popular monitors do more than just keep an eye out on your child

best wifi baby monitorbest wifi baby monitor


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When it comes to keeping an eye on your babies and kids, every parent will tell you that it’s imperative to have a good baby monitor at home.

These days, the best baby monitors all work through WiFi, allowing you to access live video feeds of your lil peanut from wherever you are — at home or not. The device will not grant you superhuman powers to instantly teleport from the office to your crying kid, but it’ll let you keep an eye on their activity and some might even let you soothe them back to sleep by talking through a speaker (the two-way speakers let you hear them too).

The best baby monitors can also be used to monitor your kids while they’re awake and playing too. Position the monitor in a central part of the room and keep tabs on what they’re doing while they’re reading, watching TV or running around.

The best WiFi baby monitors generally have a few features in common. While many come with their own viewing device, they can basically all be accessed via a smart phone or other device, and can send push notifications that alert you to changes in movement, air temperature, and anything else that might disturb your little one.

What to Look for When Buying a WiFi Baby Monitor

When putting together our list of the best WiFi baby monitors, there are a few things we took into consideration.

Pairing: There’s really no point if the WiFi shorts out every second, so to fully take advantage of the features these monitors provide, you’ll want to have a reliable WiFi connection. Once that is set, we’ve found monitors that are easy to pair with your internet signal, and your devices.

Picture quality: Obviously, you’re going to want to get the best picture possible from your monitor, particularly in the dark. We look for high-quality picture and clear night vision capabilities.

Scope: Does the camera capture the whole room, or at least enough of the area you want to see? Another thing to think about is how flexible and customizable the device is. Can you adjust the tilt of the camera? Does it clamp easily to a crib or dresser?

Smart features: Many higher-tech WiFi baby monitors include an array of helpful smart features. Often they include automatic sensors and alerts that send notifications directly to your phone. We also like monitors that sync to other smart home devices like Alexa or Google Home, so you can control settings using your voice.

Lullabies and Night-lights: Most of these monitors include a variety of programmable lullabies and night-lights, and you might want to check out the selections available. We think the monitors that project the moon and stars on the ceiling are particularly cute, for example.

Sharing: Many parents like that WiFi baby monitors can be shared with family, either for protection purposes or just for fun. Check out how many people a monitor’s feed can be shared with at a time. Some have unlimited sharing, but if you only need to include a few people, this might not even be necessary.

1. Arlo Baby Monitor Smart WIFI

The Arlo baby monitor comes equipped with a huge array of features and extras that send it easily to the top of our list. And that’s not even counting the cute bunny ear design, which looks like a Jeff Koontz piece if Jeff Koontz started designing for infant nurseries.

The Arlo comes with excellent picture quality and LED night vision, so you can see your baby clearly even in total darkness. We like how versatile mounting and placing the monitor is, as well as the customizable night-lights and lullabies. It comes with pre-programmed nature sounds, songs, and white noise, and you can even record your own voice.

This monitor comes with its own Arlo app, which allows you to program the device, set up notifications, and view both live and recorded videos of your kid — it automatically saves all video for seven days. It comes with a remote, which is handy, but can also connect to smart home devices meaning it responds to voice commands as well.

Pros: Huge number of thoughtful and convenient features. Easy monitoring via the Arlo app.

Cons: Some people experienced connectivity issues with WiFi, though this likely is influenced by individual setups.

arlo smart wifi baby monitor


Buy: Arlo Baby Monitor Smart WIFI at $599.00

2. Peteme Baby Monitor Home WiFi

Like our first pick, this baby monitor connects to your phone or other device, has superior picture quality, sensors that send you real-time alerts, and other programmable and convenient features to help you feel assured that your munchkin is always safe and well.

What sets this monitor apart is how wide the scope of the image is. It has a 360-degree viewing angle that can capture every nook and corner of your baby’s room. It can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling, which helps when you’re trying to cover as large a range as possible.

Two-way audio is available, and the camera offers night vision capabilities as well.

Pros: Wide viewing angle, easy connectivity

Cons: Does not connect to other smart home devices. Night vision not as crisp as other monitors on our list.

peteme baby monitor


Buy: Peteme Baby Monitor Home WiFi at $25.99

3. iBaby Premium WiFi Baby Monitor

We especially like the thoughtfulness of this monitor’s particular features. It boasts technology for a faster WiFi connection (according to the manufacturer), has an adjustable pan and tilt function, and includes free cloud storage, which means every adorable sleepy yawn is captured and saved forever.

The night-light can project a star and moon image on the walls or ceiling, which is cute, and you can share access with as many people as you would like. Built-in infrared lights let you see clearly, even in the dark.

The best part is the monitor’s bonus features, which include temperature and humidity Sensors, and CO2 sensors to keep your child safe. Two-way wireless talk lets you communicate with your child, even if you’re not in the room.

Pros: Especially helpful additional features like diaper reminders can alert you when it’s time for a change.

Cons: Take a little bit of extra time to set up.

ibaby wifi baby monitor


Buy: iBaby Premium WiFi Baby Monitor at

4. Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor

This monitor’s halo design sets it apart from the other monitors, and we like the high-tech baby mobile feel it delivers, and the fact that it directs the camera right on your sleeping kid.

It also includes basically all of the features we look for, including automatic sensors and sharing capabilities. Night vision is crisp and clear, and the monitor has seven built-in lighting projections that can help your child fall asleep.

We’re really impressed with this monitor’s accompanying Hubble app, which goes above and beyond many of the others. It tracks your child’s sleeping patterns and keeps a log of how quickly they fall asleep, the number of feedings, changing times, etc.

Pros: Hubble app is extremely useful.

Cons: This is another model that can be paired with smart home devices, but be advised that pairing can be obstructed by other devices in range.

motorola halo video baby monitor


Buy: Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor at

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