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These Weighted Throw Blankets Are Great for Movie Nights or Working from the Couch

A good weighted throw blanket mimics the feeling of being “held” and should be a part of your relaxation routine

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We love a weighted blanket for soothing anxiety, and as a comforter to sleep with, but these days, a number of people are using weighted throw blankets to stay warm and cuddle on the couch too.

The best weighted throw blankets are sized to cover your legs or body while you’re working in the living room or curled up for a movie, with light pressure that gives you the feeling of being “caressed.” Unlike a weighted comforter, which should cover most of your bed and is designed to help you (and a partner) fall asleep, a weighted throw blanket is slightly-smaller in size and can be used for sleeping solo, or just as decor when draped or hung over your sofa or chair.

You can use a small or twin sized-standard blanket as a weighted throw, you can also find weighted throw blankets covered in fuzzy sherpa or velour fabric for extra coziness. But as with any weighted blanket, it’s most important to calculate the correct blanket weight for your body size, keeping in mind he surface area of the blanket itself.

How to Find the Best Weighted Throw Blankets

If your blanket is too light, you won’t feel the effects. But if it’s too heavy, it could be too uncomfortable to use at all. Here is how to calculate the right size, as well as some other factors we look for in the best weighted throw blankets.

Weight Ratio: Recommendations vary somewhat, but the weight of your blanket should fall somewhere around 10 percent of your body weight, plus one pound. So an individual weighing between 140 and 190 pounds will usually need a 15 pound blanket, and so on. If you’re unsure, or if you have other health concerns, size down. You want to feel “hugged,” not trapped.

Weight Distribution: Weighted blankets are made with weighted nano beads, commonly made of plastic, glass, or ceramic, sewn into individual quilted squares in the blanket. The better constructed the blanket, the more evenly these beads will be distributed, and therefore the more evenly it will apply pressure to the body.

Fabric: The best weighted throw blankets these days are made with fuzzy fleece or sherpa fabric just like any other cozy throw blanket. This makes them a little less high maintenance and couch-ready right off the bat. Most of our picks are machine-washable too, making the material easy to care for.

1. YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM weighted blanket is our go-to weighted throw blanket, with evenly-dispersed glass beads and a temperature-regulating seven-layer design. It comes in a wide range of sizes, including a twin size which happens to be perfect for a throw. While the silky material is perfectly soft and comfortable, you can also get a bamboo, cotton, or — our choice for throws — a minky duvet cover option too.

Go for the five-pound or ten-pound option if you just want a weighted throw for hanging on the couch; pick up a 15 to 20-pound option if you’re looking to tuck in and fall asleep.

ynm weighted blanket


Buy: YnM Weighted Blanket at $49.99

2. Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

We like the Luna weighted blanket’s organic cotton and hypoallergenic material, which is a more natural and Earth-friendly option. This blanket also comes in a variety of sizes and is made with medical grade glass beads that reduce shifting and apply even, soothing pressure.

Unlike some weighted throws, this one is super breathable and not stuffy or sweaty underneath. Multiple styles, colors and weights available too.

luna adult weighted blanket


Buy: Luna Adult Weighted Blanket at $189.99

3. Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Weighted Throw Blanket

There’s no need for a duvet cover at all for this weighted throw, which has velvety soft material on one side, and fuzzy berber on the other. Its relatively small size makes it a perfect throw for the couch or even to travel with (say to stay cozy in the car or warm at the campsite). The plush material looks nice in the room all on its own.

Like other weighted blankets, it applies evenly-distributed weight and soothing pressure on the body with nano glass beads in each quilted pocket. Reinforced stitching at the edges ensures nothing shifts inside.

sherpa weighted throw


Buy: Degrees of Comfort Sherpa Weighted… at $52.99

4. BUZIO Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Another dual-sided fuzzy option, we like this fleece and sherpa weighted blanket, which is cozy and attractive without needing a duvet. This blanket’s beads are made from hypoallergenic ceramic, which is a definite plus, and the beads are equally divided among each pocket and constructed so as not to bunch or shuffle around while using the blanket.

The material adds texture to any living space, whether you drape this over a chair in your living room, fold it at the edge of your bed when not in use, or hang it from the side of a sofa or loveseat.

sherpa fleece weighted blanket


Buy: BUZIO Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket at $93.50

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