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RS Recommends: These Air Purifier Necklaces Aren’t Just a Fashion Statement

These wearable air purifiers create a zone of clean air around you, helping to filter out potentially harmful dust, odors, allergens and airborne particles



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If the Covid era has taught us anything, it’s that good indoor air quality and circulation is a luxury we cannot afford to live without. Reports say that a staggering 334 million people suffer from asthma globally, while 65 million suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). While the pandemic marches on, many of us still spending more time at home, meaning that the quality of the air we’re breathing in should be a top priority. Repeated exposure to pollutants and contaminants that are hiding in plain sight can contribute to a plethora of chronic respiratory issues, or aggravate symptoms and worsen the condition of those who are already suffering.

Home air purifiers have become a popular item for many to keep in their home. These devices stay on throughout the day and draw in air through the use of an internal fan, trapping contaminants in their filters and expelling the purified air back into the room. But what if you could take your air purifier with you wherever you went without having to carry it around? In fact, you could even wear it around your neck.

You might guffaw at the concept of an air purifier necklaces, but we’re here to tell that they’re actually quite practical. In fact, Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has been wearing one since 2019 “to protect against coughs and colds.” Whether you’re moving from room to room inside or going for a walk outside, these compact devices work to purify the air and keep you healthy.

How Do Air Purifier Necklaces Work?

Many popular home purifiers use HEPA filter technology to filter out the pollutants in the air before expelling it back into the room. These portable necklaces, however, expel particles called ions into the air that attach themselves onto contaminants, pollutants and viruses, literally removing them from the air by giving through a static charge. That’s not to say that these devices can offer 100 percent protection, but your odds are certainly better with a little extra protection — even better if you are wearing a face mask.

It is important to note that there are no studies that have shown an effectiveness against Covid-19. We recommend using these devices purely for airborne contaminants and pollutants.

What Are the Best Wearable Air Purifier Necklaces?

We looked at the following criteria when assessing the best air purifier necklaces online.

Purification Technology: Though there are HEPA filter options, ionizers are far and away the most effective option if you’re considering buying one of these devices, since they destroy the particles posing a threat. Additionally, HEPA filters need to be consistently replaced making them a more costly venture.

Battery Life: Your necklace is only as good as its battery, so make sure to look for one that won’t need to constantly charging or needing to have its batteries replaced. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Operation: Just because the technology associated with air purifiers can be complicated to understand doesn’t mean using the purifier has to be. Look for a device that won’t have you looking to Google and YouTube to understand how to use it.

Ozone: Avoid any necklace that relies on ozone at all cost. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk to being exposed to reactive ozone, which is dangerous and comes with a host of side effects. Instead, look for necklaces that clean the air through the use of negative ions.

Ion Production: The more negative ions your purifier produces, the more efficient the purifier is at cleaning the air.

1. GreenTech PureAir Personal Air Purifier


 Greentech Environmental pureAir Personal - Wearable Air Filter


GreenTech’s is known for their line of high-powered air purifiers, but the company has put its cleaning technology into a more portable format with the PureAir Personal. The wearable air purifier is super quiet and comes in a chic and unassuming black colorway. But it also delivers impressive features to match its good looks — the PureAir can purify up to three-feet around you, to make sure you’re not breathing in dust, allergens and other airborne particles.

The ion-based “active air technology” is constantly cleaning the space around you, and the rechargeable battery will last more than 24 hours on a single charge. This set includes the air purifier necklace, USB charging cable and neck cord.

Buy: GreenTech PureAir Wearable Purifier at $149.99

2. AirTamer A302 Personal Purifier 




Weighing just a fraction of a pound, you’ll forget you’re even wearing this portable purifier as it cleans the air around you. With its powerful ionizing technology, this device creates a three-foot radius of protection in all directions. Simply fashion it around your neck to your personal preferences using the nifty adjustable, breakaway lanyard, or clip it to your shirt and let the purifier do the rest. A travel case and two lithium batteries are included, providing up to 140 hours of run time.

Buy: AirTamer Personal Purifier at $79.99

3. ZELLINNI Personal Air Necklace 

ZELLINNI-Personal-Air Necklace–Portable-Air-Necklace


This necklace’s minimalist and inconspicuous design caught our eye, but it’s every bit as efficient as it is sleek and stylish. Its negative ion generator offers you the maximum amount of protection from contaminants in the air, such as smoke. One charge offers up to 60 hours of run time, and it’s so quiet you won’t even hear it working.

Buy: Zellinni Personal Air Purifier at

4. AirKitty A10 Air Purifier Necklace 



This necklace from AirKitty has two purifying settings (high and low) that can be easily adjusted depending on your surroundings. Pollen, dust and other airborne contaminants stand no chance against this necklace’s ionizing technology, which can be utilized for 30 to 60 hours depending on which setting the necklace is set to. When it’s time to charge up, just plug the USB cord into an outlet; the necklace will be fully charged in just three hours.

Buy: Air Kitty Air Purifier Necklace at $39.99

5. InvisiClean Portable Air Purifier Necklace




This minimalist necklace from InvisiClean rids the surrounding one to two-feet of dust, mold, pollen and other contaminants hiding in plain sight with its powerful ionizer, producing up to three million negative ions per second. Its battery can also last up to a jaw dropping 240 hours. You can wear this around your neck or clip it on a bag or shirt. Its no frills design makes it extremely easy to use; simply flick it on or off when desired.

Buy: InvisiClean Portable Air Purifier… at $59.95

6. Wein Minimate AS150MM Personal Air Purifier



Small, light but very mighty, this personal air purifier was designed with people who suffer from allergies and asthma in mind; it produces millions of negative ions per second ensuring that the air around you is pollutant free, lasting up to 50 hours. A lithium battery is included with your purchase.

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