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RS Recommends: The Most Common Mistakes You Can Avoid to Help Your Business Grow

These are common recruiting faux pas that you’ll want to avoid, as well as tips that’ll help you catch a job seekers’ eye

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In recent months, you’ve probably seen several pieces about how difficult employers are finding hiring to be in this not-quite-post-pandemic economy. Whether they’re being too picky with candidates, or a waning labor market has decided to move towards more remote positions, you might be feeling a little stumped right now if you’re trying to maneuver scaling up your business.

Even so, it takes a combination of creativity and flexibility to recruit top talent for all your open positions, and even with a few missteps along the way, it’s easy to course-correct. You have all the technology you need at your finger tips to post your job listings and get them seen by a broad audience of potential employees, and the right tools can make it easier than ever to connect with qualified talent who are excited about the role and stand out from the competition.

It’s just a matter of knowing which strategies to use, but we’re here to help you figure out the best ways to hire employees, especially online. There are tried and true methods that can still work for finding the best candidates for your open positions, such as traditional advertising, networking events, referrals, and using job boards like ZipRecruiter. But there are a few key ways to simplify the process, and sometimes that can start even before you craft the job description itself. Making sure your social media is up to snuff and your company has a positive online presence is an underrated way to help your business succeed before you start filling positions, for example.

No matter if you’re hiring for in-office positions or remote work, part-timers or full-time staffers, or need someone for a short-term contract, these are common recruitment strategy faux pas that you’ll want to avoid, as well as tips that’ll help you catch a job seekers’ eye, create a brand for your company that leaves a lasting impression, and successfully secure the best candidates with the most relevant experience for the job.

1. You Haven’t Developed Your Company’s Online Presence

While you don’t have to rely entirely on the internet to hire employees in the digital age (48% of new hires are still found through employee referrals), you want to make a positive first impression if you’re casting that net by having a dedicated online presence for your company.

Not having a professional website that’s up to date, or social media profiles in this day and age are red flags for potential clients, so make sure that your pages are both well-laid out, visually-speaking, and reflect the values of your company to top job candidates. You company’s profile should be complete and thorough on employer review sites like Glassdoor, and all the information on your company should be consistent across your social media profiles (the tone of your copy should be consistent too). If you’re not sure how your public perception is being received, check employer reviews and feedback on Google and Glassdoor.

2. You’re Not Posting to the Right Job Sites

You shouldn’t be only relying on ads on social media and your company website to fill your open job positions. It’s easy to improve your odds of finding the best candidates for your roles by posting on the best job board sites like ZipRecruiter.

You also won’t have to manually post your job ads to multiple, individual job sites. Just create and post your job listing on ZipRecruiter using one of their customizable templates, and with just one click, the platform will automatically send it to 100+ top job sites. With this increased visibility, you’re more likely to find the most qualified candidates in a shorter period of time.

3. You’re Not Utilizing Social Media to Its Maximum Potential

That being said, you shouldn’t underestimate the potential social media recruiting can have on your business. Using social as a tool allows you to not only engage with potential candidates more one-on-one and express what qualifications you’re looking for, but share job postings where more passive job seekers might come across them.
Sharing job postings is also significantly easier for job seekers on social media, who can easily pass on the listing to someone they know even if they aren’t interested in the role itself. It’s also a great way to beef up your company’s online presence as we mentioned before. By sharing newsletters, blog posts, and photos from your office, you can highlight your workplace culture and give potential candidates a better idea of your company’s values.

4. You’re Not Making Use of Sponsored Job Postings

When you’re competing with thousands of job listings posted online every single day, the visibility can wane on your posts if you don’t get creative. This doesn’t mean you have to re-post the same job constantly, but you do want to make sure your listing stands out, and one way to do this is through sponsored job postings. These will often appear in a better search position or more often than regular listings, so you’ll find high-quality candidates as soon as possible.
You can use ZipRecruiter‘s “TrafficBoost” tool to give your job posting a little extra boost, including increased placement and visibility across their linked job boards. You’ll be certain to secure some more eyeballs, too, since the tool will promote the position until it receives the number of views you’re aiming for (100-300 views per post), or for up to 30 days.

5. You’re Breezing Through Resumes Without Screening Them Carefully

Combing through hundreds or thousands of resumes from job seekers across the country can be daunting, and it’s hard to know how to narrow them down without missing anyone who might turn out to be the best candidate for the job. You can use tools on job board sites that filters your received applications by education, years of experience, relevant qualifications, and more to make the process a little easier.
For example, ZipRecruiter use a powerful matching algorithm and AI technology to create instant matches between your listings and the right candidates. It uses information about a job seeker’s skills (such as education, skills, and experience) to connect all kinds of businesses, including yours, with millions of potential employees currently on the web.

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