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RS Recommends: Here’s Why a Water Rowing Machine Could Be Your Best Cardio Machine

Delivering a low-impact, full-body workout and a zen-like experience, these water rowing machines are worthy of any home gym

best water rowerbest water rower

Courtesy Ergatta

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Looking to switch up your cardio routine? Consider swapping a bike or treadmill a water rowing machine.

Although often overlooked, rowing is a fantastic workout with a number of benefits. The pulling motion of rowing trains both cardio and strength, activating a surprising number of muscles including those in the back, arms, shoulders, legs, glues and abs, among others. This full-body motion is also low-impact, ensuring healthy joints in the long run. Plus, rowing’s soft, regimented movement is meditative and even fun for many.

If you want to reap the full-body, low-impact benefits of rowing, water rowing machines are the best way to do it (besides actual open-water rowing). Compared to magnetic, air or hydraulic rowing machines, water rowing machines offer the best experience because you get the smooth, realistic feel of water resistance in a compact, streamlined machine. With water rowing machines, drag naturally increases as you paddle faster, meaning there’s no fiddling with settings — just natural movement

People also prefer water rowing machines for the satisfying, calming sound of splashing water that accompanies each stroke. With the best water rowing machines, that sound is quieter than most other types of rowing machines (something any roommates or family members will appreciate).

The Best Water Water Rowing Machines

Like any piece of home gym equipment, it takes some shopping to find the best water rowing machines. Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

Size: The best water rowing machines don’t take up nearly as much space as treadmills, for example, and most can be stashed upright when not in use. Still, it’s important to make sure that your new machine will fit in your home. Large machines require around nine by four feet, but this can vary depending on the machine. You also don’t need too much extra clearance (like you do with a treadmill) as movement happens within the machine’s footprint.

Build Quality: Some water rowing machines will last much longer than others without a problem. One way to gauge build quality is to look at the weight capacity of a machine. A machine with a 300-pound weight capacity should be solid, while something with, say, a 500-pound or 1,000-pound capacity will be even better.

Console: It’s always helpful to view stats while rowing, such as speed, time and calories burned. Speed is the most important because, unlike a treadmill, you decide how hard you want to go on water rowing machines. A speed monitor is therefore very helpful for keeping a steady pace.

Design: One of our favorite things about water rowing machines is that, for the most part, they look great. The best water rowing machines have a handsome wood build, although some have a more modern steel construction. Think about how a rower will look in your home, especially if it’ll be a common space.

And unlike those flimsy water mattresses of the past, you don’t have to worry about a water rowing machine leaking or spilling everywhere; the latest water rowing machines are all built with leak-proof, secure, professional-grade materials that keep the water flowing for your workout — not all over your floor.

1. Ergatta

rowing machine ergatta water rower

Courtesy Ergatta

The Ergatta isn’t just the best water rowing machine — it’s also one of the best home gym machines, period.

Users are able to row freely on the Ergatta (as you would with any machine), but it offers way more than other machines through a 17.3-inch HD touchscreen monitor. By signing up for Ergatta’s membership program (which costs $29 a month), users can access the company’s game-based workout platform. This includes virtual races against other users, adaptive training programs based on your skill level, challenges and more.

These workout options are a great entry point for beginners but also help experienced rowers up their game. The workout program doesn’t have any live or trainer-guided workouts, but, for many, the game-based approach to fitness might be more effective — not to mention lots of fun.

Thanks to a cherry wood frame and premium craftsmanship, the Ergatta earns itself top marks in terms of build quality and design. It looks great — no matter where you put it — and supports up to 500 pounds. The machine is comfortable for anyone six-foot-eight or less and the seat permits a maximum 40-inch inseam. When in use, the Ergatta measure 86 by 23 by 40 inches. It can also be stored vertically (the monitor folds inwards) for a footprint of 23 by 22.5 by 86 inches.

Buy: Ergatta Rower at $2,199

2. LIT Strength Machine


Courtesy LIT Method

If you’re looking for the most versatile water rower in the game, look no further than the LIT Strength Machine — a home gym essential that takes low-impact training to the next level. Even though it’s designed for workouts that are easier on your body, the LIT Strength Machine will no doubt make you break a serious sweat and activate your core.

When you’re ready to row, you can customize the level of resistance you want via the built-in water tank, from 10 up to 40 pounds. And you won’t need to empty or refill the water tank in between your workouts either.

You can’t get much more efficient than this machine, thanks to its multi-purpose, versatile design that incorporates rowing, strength training, and pilates all in one piece of gear. Using the LIT On-Demand app and an annual membership (subscriptions run as low as $20/month), you can access over 1,000 different workouts for the machine, plus take live classes from the comfort of your home gym.

A major bonus is that you don’t need to plug the LIT Strength Machine into an outlet to complete your workouts. That means that you can move it anywhere around the house or outdoors so you can row or train whenever — and wherever — you want. The bottom line: This is game-changing equipment, and you won’t find a rower-reformer-trainer that comes close to the LIT Strength Machine.

Note: LIT Method offers free shipping, a 30-day trial period, plus a three-month membership for free with your purchase.

Buy: LIT Strength Machine at $1,750

3. WaterRower Classic

water rower machine wood

Courtesy Walmart

If you’re looking for a handsome, well-made machine that can deliver one of the best rowing workouts, check out this WaterRower classic. The best-seller’s focal point is a water flywheel which consists of two paddles in an enclosed tank. This yields a smooth, quiet experience that rowers of all levels will appreciate.

As far as build goes, the WaterRower is almost as good-looking as it is durable. The frame, which can support a whopping 1,000 pounds, is made of solid black walnut finished in Danish oil. The wood construction looks great and has the added benefit of shock absorption for a smoother feel. The machine takes up 84 by 22 inches when in use, and can be stored upright for a space-saving 22-inch footprint.

Although relatively simple compared to the Ergatta, the WaterRower offers plenty of workout information through a display mounted by the footplate. Here, you can monitor workout data including intensity, stroke rate, duration, and distance. The monitor is also compatible with WaterRower’s chest strap heart monitor (sold separately).

Buy: WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine at $1,560

4. Mr. Captain Water Rowing Machine

rowing machine wood amazon

Courtesy Amazon

This water rowing machine from Mr. Captain is another great pick for rowers of any level. It’s made of genuine red walnut wood that not only looks great in any room but delivers a sturdy, smooth experience. Resistance comes from a front-mounted water tank that’s extra thick to keep noise to a minimum (although you still get a bit of that nice splashing sound).

We’re also fans of the onboard workout monitor fitted to the Mr. Captain rower. You can set it to three modes — manual, interval custom or target — which helps guide your workout as you please. The monitor is also Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to connect to a smartphone for more workout data.

The Mr. Captain water rowing machine’s about the same size as our other picks with a footprint of 82 by 22 inches. It can also be stored upright, in which case it takes up 22 by 20 inches. The difference between the Mr. Captain and the other options is that this one weighs just 58 pounds — almost half what the above rowers’ weights. This makes the machine easier to store and move around, although slightly less sturdy with a weight capacity of 320 pounds.

Buy: Mr. Captain Water Rowing Machine at $599

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500

water rowing machine sunny

Courtesy Amazon

We’re preferential to the look of wood water rowing machines but this metal rower from Sunny Health & Fitness is also a great choice. It’s made of lightweight steel that lends a solid feel and supports up to 300 pounds. The rower is also fairly compact with a footprint of 80 by 22 inches when in use and 22 by 34 when stashed vertically.

The Sunny rower uses a 16-blade flywheel in the water tank which creates a very smooth stroke and adaptive resistance as you row slower or faster. We also like the machine’s supportive footplate which keeps your feet from falling or moving too much.

On top of the rower, you’ll find an LCD fitness monitor where you can track time, strokes per minute, calories, ambient temperature and more. This monitor is also compatible with ANT+ technology, allowing you to connect a heart rate monitor.

Buy: Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge… at $446.43

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